Data Infrastructure IT Industry Related Resource Links A to E

February 22, 2017 – 6:35 pm

Data Infrastructure IT Industry Related Resource Links A to E

IT Data Center and Data Infrastructure Industry Resources

Updated 2/20/2018

Following are some useful Data Infrastructure IT Industry Resource Links A to E to cloud, virtual and traditional IT data infrastructure related web sites. The data infrastructure environment (servers, storage, IO and networking, hardware, software, services, virtual, container and cloud) is rapidly changing. You may encounter a missing URL, or a URL that has changed. This list is updated on a regular basis to reflect changes (additions, changes, and retirement).

Disclaimer and note: URL’s submitted for inclusion on this site will be reviewed for consideration and to be in generally accepted good taste in regards to the theme of this site.

Best effort has been made to validate and verify the data infrastructure URLs that appear on this page and web site however they are subject to change. The author and/or maintainer(s) of this page and web site make no endorsement to and assume no responsibility for the URLs and their content that are listed on this page.

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Other Links

  • A3Cube    Computer I/O solution startup
  • AAPT   AAPT    AWS connect partner, Hosting/cloud/access services
  •    Cloud development and management tools
  • Group    AWS connect parter, Hosting/cloud/access services
  •    eDiscovery, search, indexing, classification
  •    File transfer tools
  •    Holographic storage
  •    Video solutions
  •    NAS aggregation and global name space (bought by F5)
  •    Backup and data protection tools
  •    Value added reseller (VAR)
  •    Hosting, outsourcing and managed services (Bought by Xerox)
  •    Data protection solutions
  •    Data archiving and storage solutions
  •    Stackato PaaS for cloud tools
  •    Adapters, iSCSI storage, data backup solutions (See PMC)
  •    CBRAM startup
  •    SSD storage solutions
  •    Backup, Dedupe and data protection solutions (Bought by Quantum)
  •        Energy and resource management tools
  • AdRem Netcrunch        Monitoring of Networks, Systems and Applications, DCIM
  • Adtran    Datacom and networking solutions
  •    Business continuity solutions
  •    Optical networking
  •    Data center industry user group
  •    Cloud storage and infrasture management tools
  •    High performance NAS storage (Shutdown)
  •    Host adapters and test equipment
  •    Optical solutions and components
  •    VAR
  •    Archiving and records management trade group
  •    Cloud and web hosting
  • Ajubeo    Cloud and management solutions
  •    Content distribution network (CDN)
  •    Storage systems
  •    Storage resource and capacity management
  •    Storage networking adapters for iSCSI
  •    Data Protection Software
  •    Networking and storage networking equipment
  •    Value added reseller (VAR)
  •    Storage services solution provider
  •    Cloud compute and storage services
  •    SOA management tools
  •    Storage networking components (aka JNI & 3ware Bought by LSI)
  •    Server and processor chips
  •    Metropolitan storage networks and fiber bandwidth
  •    Storage Networking connectors and cables
  •    Object and wide area based storage
  •    Storage networking testing equipment
  •    Networking components
  •    Memory components
  •    American National Standards Institute
  •    iSCSI storage software
  •    SONET’/SDH and network test equipment
  •    Environmental and power systems and DCIM solutoins
  •    Physical cabling and management
  •    Data center tools including CMDB (Bought by Emerson)
  •    SQL server and data protection tools (Bought by Dell)
  • Appcore    Cloud management tools
  • Appfirst    IT Ops, Development and DCIM monitoring and PKI metrics
  •    Storage Management Software (Bought by HP)
  •    Cloud and content tools and services
  •    Server and storage
  •    Grid and data management tools
  • Apprenda   Platform as a service tools
  •    PCIe Server I/O virtualization (IOV) technology
  •    Data protection management and backup reporting
  •    IP Networking components
  •    Archiving and data management software (Bought by HDS)
  •    Email archiving
  • Arcplace    Data management archiving
  •    Compliance solutions
  •    Data center management and CMDB tools
  •    Scalable data storage and blade storage systems
  •    Networking technologies
  •    Storage controller technology (Bought by Adaptec)
  •    Backup and data protection software (Bought by WD)
  •    Storage management and ILM software
  •    Microprocessor producer
  •    SMB focused data protection solutions
  •    Distributor
  •    Managed backup service (Bought by IBM)
  •    SRM and file reporting software
  •    Application delivery and cloud access
  •    Site containing the ASCII character set table
  •    HVAC Engineers Association
  •    Backup and data protection solutions
  •    Association Storage Networking Professionals
  •    High speed file and data transfer tools
  •    Security tools
  •    iSCSI storage optimized for VMware
  •    Backup Software
  • Atlantic Metro Communications    AWS connect parter, Hosting/cloud/access services
  • Atlantiscomputing    ILIO VDI and I/O optimization, cache tools
  •    ATM trade association
  •    Storage systems
  •    IT management tools (bought Novell)
  •    Storage networking adapters and gateways
  •    NAS and file virtualization (Assets bought by F5)
  •    File and data movement tools
  •    Data management and cloud services (Bought by HP) –
  •    Storage automation tiering tools
  •    Semiconductor technologies
  •    Data movement and replication solutions
  •    Dedupe, Backup and Restoration Solutions (Bought by EMC)
  •    Var
  •    Networking and communications
  •    NAS caching and automated tiering
  •    Security and anti-virus software
  •    Distributor
  •    Infrastructure resource management tools
  •    Cloud data protection solutions
  •    IRM and service management tools
  •    Records and document management
  •    Data protection and replication tools
  • Backblaze    Online and cloud backup storage
  • BackupAssist    Backup and Recovery software
  •    Backup for google apps
  • BUMI    Backup and data protection tools
  •    Online and cloud backup
  • Backula    Opensource Backup and data protection
  •    Backup Software (Bought by Quest bought by Dell)
  •    File compression solutions
  •    Networking devices, backup software
  •    NOSQL Database and object storage technology –
  •    Cloud, application delivery networking services
  • Bestel   Bestel    AWS connect parter, Hosting/cloud/access services
  • Beyondtust    Vulnerability assessment and detection
  •    Openflow based network switches
  •    Data security software
  •    Cloud storage and backup
  • Bitcentral    Video management solutions
  • Bitmicro    Solid state devices and other solutions
  • Blackbox    Data center infrastructure, DCIM, KVM and other solutions
  • BlackMESH    FedRAMP and DevOPs hosting
  •    Trade group for blade servers
  •    Server management and discovery software
  •    Server and storage blades (Bought by IBM)
  • Bladeroom    Data center and hosting
  •    Industry trade group for blade servers and storage
  •    Networking technologies
  •    Elastic Storage Software and Tools
  •    High performance NAS enterprise class storage (Bought by HDS)
  •    WAN optimization
  •    Networking infrastructure solutions
  • Bluehost    Web hosting, dedicated and virtual private servers
  •    Hosting, managed service and cloud provider
  • BlueOSS    Cloud and business inteligence solutions
  •     Software for managing virtual data centers
  •    Storage management software
  •    Backup and management software
  •    Tape media cleaning tools
  •    Internet/web/cloud storage services
  •    Legacy application transformation
  •    Data reduction and storage optimization
  •    Storage management software
  •    Portal site for finding network bandwidth services
  •    Portal site for finding high speed internet access
  •    Storage networking component supplier
  •    Switches, WAN gateways, software
  •    Storage consultancy service
  •    Brian Berg’s Storage Cornucopia web site
  •    WDM and Optical networking technologies
  •    SMB and SOHO NAS storage
  •    IBM Mainframe to open systems gateways (Bought by EMC)
  •    Grid based fixed content, archive and object storage (Bought by NetApp)
  •    Email archiving solutions
  •    Data center operations and insight management tools
  •    Data management software
  • Computer Associates    Various data center, DCIM, data protection and other solution tools
  •    Optical storage
  • Canonical   Ubuntu Linux
  •    Cloud storage and backup
  •    CAS archiving and object storage tools
  •    Cloud ediscovery
  •    Data management and database alternative software
  • Apache Cassandra    NOSql Data Management tools
  •    IRM management tools (Bought by CA)
  • Catalogic Software    Data protection and management tools
  •    Data management tools
  •    VM security tools
  •    Networking processors and chip technologies
  •    Carbon Disclosure Project
  •    VAR
  •    VAR
  •    Network services for storage over distance
  •    Data migration tools
  •    Messaging solutions
  •    Cluster Storage
  •    Storage management solutions (formerly Giant Loop)
  •    Digital rights management for cloud, virtual, server, desktop and storage
  • Tier3/CenturyLink   Cloud, hosting and managed services
  • Centurylinkg/Savvis    Cloud and hosting solutions
  • Ceph   Cloud and object storage solutions
  •    Internet Security information
  •    Cloud security tools
  •    VAR
  • CFN Services    AWS connect parter, Hosting/cloud/access services
  •    High speed Ethernet adapters
  •    Data protection, cloud and storage VAR
  •    Optical networking
  • Cinenet    AWS connect parter, Hosting/cloud/access services
  •    Data Storage Encryption Tools
  •    Storage networking security
  •    Storage systems (Bought by DotHill)
  •    Backup data protection tools
  •    Cloud Storage Appliance – Added 6/9/10
  •    Switches, WAN and Optical networking
  •    Virtualization solutions
  •    Local and distributed (GEO) MySQL database software and service
  •    Large scale archive and data management tools
  •    Distributed object/esrasure storage
  •    Green computing industry trade group
  • Clonix   Data cloning, duplication and protection tools
  • CloudByte   Scale-out and cloud storage
  •    Hadoop data storage and analytics tools
  • CloudFlare   CDN and Web Cache solutions
  •    High performance servers
  • Cloudian   Cloud and object storage tools
  • Cloudphysics   Big data and virtualization tools
  •    Cloud data protection tools
  •    Open cloud platforms
  • Apache CloudStack   Open Source Cloud tools
  •    Open cloud deployment solutions
  • CloudVelocity   Hybrid Cloud and data protection management solutins
  •    Storage Virtualization tools (Bought by DotHill)
  •    Storage software startup
  •    Computer Measurement Group
  •    Switches, WAN gateways, software (Bought by McData bought by Brocade)
  • Cobalt Iron   Data protection tools
  •    Cloud storage and backup aka Crashplan
  •    Data and security tools
  •    Backup and data protection tools
  • CohesiveFT   Cloud solution and management tools
  •    VAR
  •    Co-location and hosting services

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View additional NAS, NVMe, SSD, NVM, SCM, Data Infrastructure and HDD related topics via the following links.

Additional learning experiences along with common questions (and answers), as well as tips can be found in Software Defined Data Infrastructure Essentials book.

Software Defined Data Infrastructure Essentials Book SDDC

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