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Nand flash SSD and NVM server storage I/O memory conversations

March 30, 2014 – 8:29 pm

Storage I/O trends

Updated 2/2/16

Nand flash SSD and NVM server storage I/O memory conversations

Now and then somebody asks me if I’m familiar with flash or nand flash Solid State Devices (SSD) along with other non-volatile memory (NVM) technologies and trends including NVM Express (NVMe).

Having been involved with various types of SSD technology, products and solutions since the late 80s initially as a customer in IT (including as a lunch customer for DEC’s ESE20 SSD’s), then later as a vendor selling SSD solutions, as well as an analyst and advisory consultant cover the technologies, I tell the person asking, well, yes, of course.

That gave me the idea as well as to help me keep track of some of the content and make it easy to find by putting it here in this post (which will be updated now and then).

Thus this is a collection of articles, tips, posts, presentations, blog posts and other content on SSD including nand flash drives, PCIe cards, DIMMs, NVM Express (NVMe), hybrid and other storage solutions along with related themes.

Also if you can’t find it here, you can always do a Google search like this or this to find some more material (some of which is on this page).


Flash SSD Articles, posts and presentations

The following are some of my tips, articles, blog posts, presentations and other content on SSD. Keep in mind that the question should not be if SSD are in your future, rather when, where, with what, from whom and how much. Also keep in mind that a bit of SSD as storage or cache in the right place can go a long way, while a lot of SSD will give you a benefit however also cost a lot of cash.

  • StorageIO Industry Trends Perspective White Paper: Solid State Hybrid Drives (SSHD) aka Turbo Drives
  • Enterprise SSHD and Flash SSD – Better Together – Part of an Enterprise Tiered Storage Strategy
  • StorageIO Industry Trends Perspective White Paper: Seagate 1200 Enterprise SSD (12Gbps SAS) with proof points (e.g. Lab test results)
  • Companion: Seagate 1200 12Gbs Enterprise SAS SSD StorgeIO lab review (blog post part I and Part II)
  • NewEggBusiness: Seagate 1200 12Gbs Enterprise SAS SSD StorgeIO lab review (Are NVMe m.2 drives ready for the limelight?
  • Via ZDnet: Google doubles Cloud Compute local SSD capacity: Now it’s 3TB per VM
  • NAND, DRAM, SAS/SCSI & SATA/AHCI: Not Dead, Yet! (Via EnterpriseStorageForum)
  • Here’s why Western Digital is buying SanDisk (Via ComputerWorld)
  • HP, SanDisk partner to bring storage-class memory to market (Via ComputerWorld)
  • Non Volatile Memory (NVM), NVMe, Flash Memory Summit and SSD updates (Via StorageIOblog)
  • Microsoft and Intel showcase Storage Spaces Direct with NVM Express at IDF ’15 (Via TechNet)
  • PMC-Sierra Scales Storage with PCIe, NVMe (Via EEtimes)
  • Seagate Grows Its Nytro Enterprise Flash Storage Line (Via InfoStor)
  • New SAS Solid State Drive First Product From Seagate Micron Alliance (Via Seagate)
  • Wow, Samsung’s New 16 Terabyte SSD Is the World’s Largest Hard Drive (Via Gizmodo)
  • Samsung ups the SSD ante with faster, higher capacity drives (Via ITworld)
  • PMC Announces Flashtec NVMe SSD NVMe2106, NVMe2032 Controllers With LDPC (Via TomsITpro)
  • New SATA SSD powers elastic cloud agility for CSPs (Via Cbronline)
  • Toshiba Solid-State Drive Family Features PCIe Technology (Via Eweek)
  • SanDisk aims CloudSpeed Ultra SSD at cloud providers (Via ITwire)
  • Everspin & Aupera reveal all-MRAM Storage Module in M.2 Form Factor (Via BusinessWire)
  • Intel, Micron Launch “Bulk-Switching” ReRAM (Via EEtimes)
  • Exclusive: If Intel and Micron’s “Xpoint” is 3D Phase Change Memory, Boy Did They Patent It (Via Dailytech)
  • Intel & Micron 3D XPoint memory — is it just CBRAM hyped up? Curation of various posts (Via Computerworld)
  • NVMe: The Golden Ticket for Faster Flash Storage? (Via EnterpriseStorageForum)

server I/O hirearchy

server storage i/o memory hirearchy

server storage i/o nand flash ssd options

SSD Storage I/O and related technologies comments in the news

The following are some of my commentary and industry trend perspectives that appear in various global venues.

Storage I/O ssd news

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Ok, nuff said (for now)


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