SDx Summit London UK (Planning and Enabling Your Journey to Software Defined)

January 21, 2017 – 4:05 pm

Planning and Enabling Your Journey to Software Defined)

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Will 2017 be there year of all software-defined X (e.g. SDx) where X can be everything from data centers (SDDC), data infrastructures (SDDI), infrastructure (SDI), storage (SDS), network (SDN) or marketing (SDM) among others? What about IoT, IoD, ByoD, ByoL (bring your own license), MaaS (metal as a service), clouds, containers, object storage, OpenStack, Mesos, Docker, Kubernetes, NVMe, flash SSD, SCM (Storage Class Memory) among other buzzword bingo terms, technologies and trends, will 2017 be there year for those among others?

What is safe to say is that the above buzzword items, topics, trends, technologies, tools and techniques are in your future, what varies is when, where, how, why, with what and whom to assist you on your journey.

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On January 26 2017 join me and others at the Savoy hotel in London UK for the SDx summit organized by Wipro.

My presentation titled Planning and Enabling Your Journey to SDx will have a theme of Transiting from Hype and Marketing Hope to Deployment and Management. In other words, moving beyond SDBS and SDM to how to prepare, plan and what you can do today including hybrid deployments. Some of the topics, themes, trends, technologies, tools and tips in my discussion will include among others:

  • Software Defined Management and Data Protection
  • How to pack and prepare for your Software Defined Journey
  • Be prepared, plan for the unexpected, manage your journey
  • Learn the local language, expand your trade craft (skills)
  • Moving and migrating (brownfield) vs. start from scratch (greenfield)
  • ByoD, DiY, IoD, IoT, Cloud and Container conversations
  • What you can do today to prepare for your upcoming journey

Where To Learn More

Learn more and register here for the London UK SDx summit.

What This All Means

Regardless of if 2017 will be the year of SDx or any of the other industry popular buzz term trends, technologies and techniques, it is time to start planning as well as preparing. This means identifying questions, concerns and learning about the new tools and technologies that can be used in new ways, while also leveraging old things in new ways to enable a resilient, scalable, flexible as well as cost-effective data infrastructure. For those of you in the London UK area, learn more about the SDx summit organized by Wipro here and hope to see you there.

Ok, nuff said, for now…


Greg Schulz – Microsoft MVP Cloud and Data Center Management, vSAN and VMware vExpert. Author of Software Defined Data Infrastructure Essentials (CRC Press), as well as Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking (CRC Press), The Green and Virtual Data Center (CRC Press), Resilient Storage Networks (Elsevier) and twitter @storageio.

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