Docker for Smarties (e.g. non-dummies) from VMworld 2014

September 21, 2014 – 12:38 pm

Docker for Smarties (e.g. non-dummies) from VMworld 2014

VMworld 2014

In this Industry Trends Perspectives video pod cast episode (On YouTube) I had a chance to visit with Nathan LeClaire of at the recent VMworld 2014 in San Francisco for a quick overview of docker and containers are about, what you need to know and where to find more information. Check out this StorageIO Industry Trends Perspective episode "Docker for Smarties" aka not for dummies via YouTube by clicking here or on the image below.

storage i/o video

StorageIO docker for smarties from VMworld 2014

For those not familiar with docker.YouTube videos about server and storage I/O

Server storage I/O docker for non-dummies
Docker overview

What to know about docker
Three things to know about docker

key points and where to learn more about docker

Checkout the Docker for non-dummies storage i/o videovideo here.

What’s your take, is docker in your future or are you already using it?

Ok, nuff said (for now)

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