Fall 2018 Dutch Data Infrastructure Industry Trends Decision Making Seminars

November 5, 2018 – 1:39 pm

Fall 2018 Dutch Data Infrastructure Industry Trends Decision Making Seminars

Fall 2018 Dutch Data Infrastructure Industry Trends Decision Making Seminars

Fall 2018 Dutch Data Infrastructure Industry Trends Decision Making Seminars.

There is still time to register for the fall 2018 Dutch data infrastructure industry trends decision-making seminars November 27th and 28th. The workshops are being organized by Brouwer Storage Consultancy of Holland and will be held in Nijkerk.

On Tuesday, November 27th, there will be an advanced education workshop seminar covering data infrastructure industry trends and technology update presented by myself. On Wednesday, November 28th, there will be a deeper dive workgroup seminar session addressing data infrastructure related strategy, planning, and decision-making.


Data Infrastructures Industry Trends November 27

Whats New, Whats the buzz, what you need to know about, From Speeds and Feeds, Slots and Watts to Whos doing what, from interesting to What’s relevant for your environment.

This one-day seminar is a new and improved version of the popular speeds and feeds session where we look at what’s new and emerging in the industry as well as applicable to your environments. You will be updated about the latest trends and emerging data infrastructure technologies to support digital transformation, little and big data analytics, AI/ML/DL, GDPR, data protection, edge/fog compute, and IoT among others. From legacy to the software-defined cloud, container converged and virtual to composable. The seminar is a mix of presentation and engaging discussion as we look into details of favorite or new technologies for both those who are old-school, new-school and current or future school.

Part I – Industry Trends, Applications, and Workload
Part II – Server Compute, Memory, I/O, hardware and software
Part III – Storage and Data protection for on-prem and cloud
Part IV – Bringing it all together, managing and decision making

Topics to be covered include among others:

  • What these trends, tools, technologies mean for different environments of various size.
  • Tips on evaluating legacy and startup or newer vendors as well as technologies.
  • Updates on vendors, services, technologies, products you may or may not have heard of.
  • Cloud (public/private/multi-cloud/hybrid) compute, storage and management.
  • Containers (including docker, windows, kubernetes, FaaS, serverless, lambda).
  • Converged and hyper-converged; Gen-Z and composable; NVMe and NVMeoF.
  • Persistent Memory (PMEM), Storage Class Memory (SCM), 3D XPoint, NAND Flash SSD.
  • Legacy vs. software-defined, appliances, storage systems, block, NAS file, object, table.
  • Bulk cloud data migration appliances, storage for the edge, file sync and share.
  • Role and importance of context (what’s applicable, what something means).
  • Who’s doing what, what to look for today for the future.

This seminar is for those involved with ICT/IT servers, storage, storage, I/O networking, and associated management activities including data protection, of legacy, as well as software-defined cloud, containers, converged hyper-converged and virtualization. This seminar is for professionals who manage, architect or are otherwise involved with data infrastructure related topic strategy and acquisitions.

Data Infrastructures Deep Dive Decision Making November 28

Enabling Informed Strategy and Decision Making, moving from what are the tools, trends and technologies evolving to what to use, when, where, why, how, along with strategy, planning, decision-making, and ongoing management.

If the answer is a cloud, converged, container, composable, edge, fog, digital transformation, on-prem, hybrid, software-defined, what were or are the questions to plan as well as prepare for deployment today, along with in the future? This workshop format seminar provides answers to fundamental questions, with essential insight into software-defined data infrastructures (SDDI) and software-defined data centers (SDDC). For ICT/IT professionals (architects, strategists, administrators, managers) currently or planning on being involved with servers, storage, I/O networking, hardware, software, converged, containers, cloud backup/data protection, and associated topics, this seminar is for you.

Clouds converged, and containers will be a primary focus along with related themes and topics that you need to know more about. Don’t be scared of clouds, be prepared, and this includes for on-prem, public, hybrid and multi-cloud. As part of our deeper dive decision-making strategy focus, we look at cloud cost considerations including are you paying too much or not enough (e.g., are you depriving your applications of performance to save money?). We will explore various decision-making and strategy topics spanning AWS, Microsoft Azure, Azure Stack, Windows and Hyper-V, VMware (including on AWS) and OpenStack, is it still open for business?

Additional topics, trends, themes include:

  • Everything is not the same across cloud services, converged, or containers.
  • Different environments have various data infrastructure resource needs.
  • How to balance legacy on-prem application needs with emerging technology options.
  • Different comparison criteria for smaller environments remote office vs. Larger enterprise
  • Do it yourself (DiY) vs. Turnkey software vs. Bundled tin wrapped software solution
  • Strategy, planning, decision-making, and ongoing management

How To Register For Seminar Workshops

Learn more about fall 2018 Dutch Server StorageIO Data Infrastructure Tuesday trends workshop seminar here (PDF), and Wednesday deeper dive decision-making workshop session here (PDF).

To register and obtain more information, contact event organizers Brouwer Storage consultancy at +31-33-246-6825 or +31-652-601-309 and info at brouwerconsultancy.com.

Where to learn more

Learn more about Data Infrastructure and related trends, tools, technologies and topics via the following links:

Additional learning experiences along with common questions (and answers), as well as tips can be found in Software Defined Data Infrastructure Essentials book.

Software Defined Data Infrastructure Essentials Book SDDC

What this all means

Everything is not the same across different organizations, environments, application workloads, data, technology, tools, trends. These two one day interactive workshop seminars provide timely insight into what’s going on in the data infrastructure related industry, along with common IT organization challenges as well as how to address them. Moving from the what to what to use when, where, why, how along with alternatives, gaining insight and awareness to avoid flying blind enables effective strategy, decision-making, planning and ongoing management. Learn more and sign up for Fall 2018 Dutch Data Infrastructure Industry Trends Decision Making Seminars, see you in Nijkerk.

Ok, nuff said, for now.

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Greg Schulz – Microsoft MVP Cloud and Data Center Management, VMware vExpert 2010-2018. Author of Software Defined Data Infrastructure Essentials (CRC Press), as well as Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking (CRC Press), The Green and Virtual Data Center (CRC Press), Resilient Storage Networks (Elsevier) and twitter @storageio. Courteous comments are welcome for consideration. First published on https://storageioblog.com any reproduction in whole, in part, with changes to content, without source attribution under title or without permission is forbidden.

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