Dont Stop Learning Expand Your Skills Experiences Everyday #blogtobertech

October 5, 2018 – 3:59 pm

Dont Stop Learning Expand Your Skills Experiences Everyday #blogtobertech

Dont Stop Learning Expand Your Skills Experiences Everyday

Dont Stop Learning Expand Your Skills Experiences Everyday including moving beyond or outside our current tradecraft focus area. If you are an expert in a field or given focus area, learn something new about an area outside your expertise or comfort zone. Now if you are of the mind-set that there is nothing new to learn about, it’s all old, boring, perhaps its time to step back, look around, explore other areas.

Doing something new can be in an adjacent technology area, or something completely unrelated. For example, in a recent VMUG keynote presentation and blog post I discussed how Next Generation Hybrid Software Defined Data Infrastructures Are In Your Future.

Dont Stop Learning Expand Your Skills Experiences Everyday
Next Generation Data Infrastructures are in your future (if not already)

What tradecraft skills and experience do you need to have, expand or refresh to support next-generation hybrid software-defined data infrastructures? If you are a server person than you need to broaden your tradecraft skills experience to storage, I/O networking, cloud, virtual, container across hardware as well as software. Likewise, if you are storage or I/O and networking, you need to expand into other areas. If you are a VMware focused professional, then learn about Microsoft Hyper-V or vice versa. If you are an AWS focused person, learn about Google, Azure or vice versa, same applies across different technology domains.

On the other hand, if you know all there is to know, chances are they are other areas you need to learn more about, or, determine what you don’t know to address that. By chance, if you do happen to know everything, there is to know, how much time are you spending interacting with others to teach them, possibly learning something new yourself.

Invest Time into Your Tradecraft Skill set

If you are not spending at least an hour a day learning something new, you are missing out on the opportunity. Part of that hour should also be outside your comfort zone core focus area. For example, if you are a software pro, learn more about hardware, clouds, or something different. If you are a VMware focused person, learn Hyper-V, AWS, Azure, something else. If you are storage, learn server, network, cloud and beyond. If you are focused on data infrastructures, then learn about the upper-level business applications along with the users who use them and vice versa.

How I Continue to Learn Expanding My Tradecraft Skills Experience Every day

As part of expanding my tradecraft, I spend part of my day learning, refreshing on core data infrastructure focus areas (servers, storage, I/O networking, hardware, software, cloud, containers, converged, software-defined, data protection) and related topics. Learning involves vendor briefings, researching, talking with others, reading, hands-on technology trial to gain insight experience perspectives.

I also have expanded my tradecraft experiences by becoming an FAA Part 107 licensed commercial pilot of small unmanned aerial system (sUAS), small unmanned aerial vehicle (sUAV) or more commonly merely called drones. Besides being FAA licensed, I also expanded by becoming Minnesota sUAV/drone and aerial photography licensed. Drone flying has an adjacent to data infrastructures in that one of my drones’ records at 4K 60 frames per second (fps) meaning about 1 GByte of data every two minutes of video, plus telemetry. Note that the drones have internet capability and can be considered IoT for their video, as well as telemetry.

drone aerial video inversion fog over st croix river near stillwater
Above is a 4K video flights via my companion site

Where to learn more

Learn more about learning, data infrastructures, tradecraft, drones as well as related trends, tools, technologies and topics via the following links:

Additional learning experiences along with common questions (and answers), as well as tips can be found in Software Defined Data Infrastructure Essentials book.

Software Defined Data Infrastructure Essentials Book SDDC

What this all means

What this means is that in addition to expanding as well as refreshing my data infrastructure related tradecraft skills, I’am also expanding my experiences into other adjacent areas. In other words, instead of just talking about big data, fast data, video, IoT, drones and related, I’am involved with it hands on.

Keep in mind, at some point the student becomes the teacher, and a teacher is a student. Leverage your pair of eyes and ears to see things in different ways, listen to and learn about items outside your primary focus area as you expand or refresh your tradecraft skill set experiences.

If you can’t learn something new every day, either you are not trying, or you are in trouble. Even experts and unicorns can learn something new every day, even if that is as simple as learning to listen to others.

With October being #blogtobertech there are plenty of opportunities to Don’t Stop Learning Expand Your Skills Experiences Everyday which also includes student becoming teacher, teacher being student.

Ok, nuff said, for now.

Cheers Gs

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