Kevin Closson discusses SLOB Server CPU I/O Database Performance benchmarks

March 3, 2017 – 5:21 pm

Slilly Little Oracle Benchmark (SLOB) Database Server I/O Podcast

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In this Server StorageIO podcast episode, I am joined by @Kevinclosson who is an Oracle (along with other Databases) performance expert and creator of the Silly Little Oracle Benchmark (SLOB) tool. Not surprising our data infrastructure discussion involves server CPU, software, I/O, storage, performance, software, tools, best practices, fundamental tradecraft skills among other items.

server storage I/O performance

Kevin has been involved in database performance (and porting) optimization for decades which means CPU server, memory, I/O and storage issues, resources and tuning. Part of server, storage I/O a tuning is understanding the workloads, also the demands of software such as databases along with how they use CPU and its impact on resources. This means that somewhere in the technology stack, server CPUs are still needed, even in serverless environments.

We also discuss metrics, gaining insight to resources uses, what they mean including how CPU wait may be costing your lost productivity with overhead, as well as benchmarks, simulations, and related themes. Check out Kevins website to learn more about Oracle, Databases, SLOB, tools and other content. Listen to the podcast discussion here (42 minutes) as well as on iTunes.

Where to learn more

Learn more about Oracle, Database Performance, Benchmarking along with other tools via the following links:

What this all means and wrap-up

Check out my discussion here with Kevin Closson where you may have some Dejavu, or learn something new on server, storage I/O, database performance, software, benchmark workloads as well as much more. Also available on Listen to Server StorageIO podcasts on iTunes

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