3rd of July fireworks grand finale video

July 9, 2012 – 10:29 am

Last week here in the U.S. was the independence day holiday also known as the 4th of July which means vacations, out side fun, backyard parties and barbeques, time in and around the water and other forms of fun. It also means fireworks which tend to be on the evening of the 4th, however some towns host their fireworks shows and events the day after or the day before.

One such town is Marine on St. Croix Minnesota which if you saw Grumpy Old Men when Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon (aka Putz and Moron) where racing to the wedding, you saw main street (hint, if you blinked you might have missed it). Sometimes we go the few miles to Marine by land and watch the 3rd of July fireworks from main street, sometimes as we did this year we go up the St. Croix River a few miles to watch fireworks via water. As a reference for, the St. Croix flows to the Mississippi which in turns flows to the Gulf of Mexico for those of you who are not geography majors or navigators.

3rd of July fireworks video via greg schulz storageio

Anyway, as the saying goes a picture or video is worth a 1,000 words.

While not one of the major metropolitan areas, check out part of the Marine on St. Croix fireworks grand finale video here for what IMHO is a great event.

Ok, nuff said for now.

Cheers Gs

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