Web chat Thur May 30th: Hot Storage Trends for 2013 (and beyond)

May 29, 2013 – 11:57 am

Storage I/O trends

Join me on Thursday May 30, 2013 at Noon ET (9AM PT) for a live web chat at the 21st Century IT (21cit) site (click here to register, sign-up, or view earlier posts). This will be an online web chat format interactive conversation so if you are not able to attend, you can visit at your convenience to view and give your questions along with comments. I have done several of these web chats with 21cit as well as other venues that are a lot of fun and engaging (time flies by fast).

For those not familiar, 21cIT is part of the Desum/UBM family of sites including Internet Evolution, SMB Authority, and Enterprise Efficiency among others that I do article posts, videos and live chats for.

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I like these types of sites in that while they have a sponsor, the content is generally kept separate between those of editors and contributors like myself and the vendor supplied material. In other words I coordinate with the site editors on what topics I feel like writing (or doing videos) about that align with the given sites focus and themes as opposed to following and advertorial calendar script.

During this industry trends perspective web chat, one of the topics and themes planned for discussion include software defined storage (SDS). View a recent video blog post I did here about SDS. In addition to SDS, Solid State Devices (SSD) including nand flash, cloud, virtualization, object, backup and data protection, performance, management tools among others are topics that will be put out on the virtual discussion table.

Storage I/O trends

Following are some examples of recent and earlier industry trends perspectives posts that I have done over at 21cit:

Video: And Now, Software-Defined Storage!
There are many different views on what is or is not “software-defined” with products, protocols, preferences and even press releases. Check out the video and comments here.

Big Data and the Boston Marathon Investigation
How the human face of big-data will help investigators piece together all the evidence in the Boston bombing tragedy and bring those responsible to justice. Check out the post and comments here.

Don’t Use New Technologies in Old Ways
You can add new technologies to your data center infrastructure, but you won’t get the full benefit unless you update your approach with people, processes, and policies. Check out the post and comments here.

Don’t Let Clouds Scare You, Be Prepared
The idea of moving to cloud computing and cloud services can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be so if you prepare as you would for implementing any other IT tool. Check out the post and comments here.

Storage and IO trends for 2013 (& Beyond)
Efficiency, new media, data protection, and management are some of the keywords for the storage sector in 2013. Check out these and other trends, predictions along with comments here.

SSD and Real Estate: Location, Location, Location
You might be surprised how many similarities between buying real estate and buying SSDs.
Location matters and it’s not if, rather when, where, why and how you will be using SSD including nand flash in the future, read more and view comments here.

Everything Is Not Equal in the Data center, Part 3
Here are steps you can take to give the right type of backup and protection to data and solutions, depending on the risks and scenarios they face. The result? Savings and efficiencies. Read more and view comments here.

Everything Is Not Equal in the Data center, Part 2
Your data center’s operations can be affected at various levels, by multiple factors, in a number of degrees. And, therefore, each scenario requires different responses. Read more and view comments here.

Everything Is Not Equal in the Data center, Part 1
It pays to check your data center Different components need different levels of security, storage, and availability. Read more and view comments here.

Data Protection Modernizing: More Than Buzzword Bingo
IT professionals and solution providers should put technologies such as disk based backup, dedupe, cloud, and data protection management tools as assets and resources to make sure they receive necessary funding and buy in. Read more and view comments here.

Don’t Take Your Server & Storage IO Pathing Software for Granted
Path managers are valuable resources. They will become even more useful as companies continue to carry out cloud and virtualization solutions. Read more and view comments here.

SSD Is in Your Future: Where, When & With What Are the Questions
During EMC World 2012, EMC (as have other vendors) made many announcements around flash solid-state devices (SSDs), underscoring the importance of SSDs to organizations future storage needs. Read more here about why SSD is in your future along with view comments.

Changing Life cycles and Data Footprint Reduction (DFR), Part 2
In the second part of this series, the ABCDs (Archive, Backup modernize, Compression, Dedupe and data management, storage tiering) of data footprint reduction, as well as SLOs, RTOs, and RPOs are discussed. Read more and view comments here.

Changing Life cycles and Data Footprint Reduction (DFR), Part 1
Web 2.0 and related data needs to stay online and readily accessible, creating storage challenges for many organizations that want to cut their data footprint. Read more and view comments here.

No Such Thing as an Information Recession
Data, even older information, must be protected and made accessible cost-effectively. Not to mention that people and data are living longer as well as getting larger. Read more and view comments here.

Storage I/O trends

These real-time, industry trends perspective interactive chats at 21cit are open forum format (however be polite and civil) as well as non vendor sales or marketing pitches. If you have specific questions you ‘d like to ask or points of view to express, click here and post them in the chat room at any time (before, during or after).

Mark your calendar for this event live Thursday, May 30, at noon ET or visit after the fact.

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