VMworld 2013 Vmware, server, storage I/O and networking update (Day 1)

August 27, 2013 – 1:06 am

Storage I/O trends

Congratulations to VMware on 10 years of VMworld!

With the largest installment yet of a VMworld in terms of attendance, there were also many announcements today (e.g. Monday) and many more slated for out the week. Here are a synopsis of some of those announcements.

Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) and Software Defined Networks (SDN)

VMware made a series of announcements today that set the stage for many others. Not surprisingly, these involved SDDC, SDN, SDS, vSphere 5.5 and other management tool enhancements, or the other SDM (Software Defined Management).

VMworld image

Here is a synopsis of what was announced by VMware.

VMware NSX (SDN) combines Nicira NVPTM along with vCloud Network and Security
VMware Virtual SAN (VSAN) not to be confused with virtual storage appliances (VSAs)
VMware vCloud Suite 5.5
VMware vSphere 5.5 (includes support for new Intel Xeon and Atom processors)
VMware vSphere App HA
VMware vSphere Flash Read Cache software
VMware vSphere Big Data Extensions
VMware vCloud Automation Center
VMware vCloud

Note that while these were announced today, some will be in public beta soon and general availability over the next few months or quarters (learn more here including pricing and availability). More on these and other enhancements in future posts. However for now check out what Duncan Epping (@DuncanYB) of VMware has to say over at his Yellowbook site here, here and here.

buzzword bingo
Buzzword Bingo

Additional VMworld Software Defined Announcements

Dell did some announcements as well for cloud and virtual environments in support of VMware from networking to servers, hardware and software. With all the recent acquisitions by Dell including Quest where they picked up Foglight management tools, along with vRanger, Bakbone and others, Dell has amassed an interesting portfolio. On the hardware front, check out the VRTX shared server infrastructure, I want one for my VMware environment, now I just need to justify one (to myself). Speaking of Dell, if you are at VMworld on Tuesday August 27 around 1:30PM stop by the Dell booth where I will be presenting including announcing some new things (stay tuned for more on that soon).

HP had some announcements today. HP jumped into the SDDC and SDN with some Software Defined Marketing (SDM) and Software Defined Announcements (SDA) in addition to using the Unified Data Center theme. Today’s announcements by HP were focused more around SDN and VMware NSX along with the HP Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller and VMware networking.

NetApp (Both #1417) announced more integration between their Data ONTAP based solutions and VMware vSphere, Horizon Suite, vCenter, vCloud Automation Center and vCenter Log Insight under the them theme of SDDC and SDS. As part of the enhancement, NetApp announced Virtual Storage Console (VSC 5.0) for end-to-end storage management and software in VMware environments. In addition, integration with VMware vCenter Server 5.5. Not to be left out of the SSD flash dash NetApp also released a new V1.2 of their FlashAccel software for vSphere 5.0 and 5.1.

Storage I/O trends

Cloud, Virtualization and DCIM

Here is one that you probably have not seen or heard much about elsewhere, which is Nlyte announcement of their V1.5 Virtualization Connector for Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM). Keep in mind that DCIM is more than facilities, power, and cooling related themes, particular in virtual data centers. Thus, some of the DCIM vendors, as well as others are moving into the converged DCIM space that spans server, storage, networking, hardware, software and facilities topics.

Interested in or want to know more about DCIM, and then check out these items:
Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and Infrastructure Resource Management (IRM)
Data Center Tools Can Streamline Computing Resources
Considerations for Asset Tracking and DCIM

Data Protection including Backup/Restore, BC, DR and Archiving

Quantum announced that Commvault has added support to use the Lattus object storage based solution as an archive target platform. You can learn more about object storage (access and architectures) here at www.objectstoragecenter.com .

PHD Virtual did a couple of data protection (backup/restore , BC, DR ) related announcements (here and here ). Speaking of backup/restore and data protection, if you are at VMworld on Tuesday August 27th around 1:30PM, stop by the Dell booth where I will be presenting, and stay tuned for more info on some things we are going to announce at that time.

In case you missed it, Imation who bought Nexsan earlier this year last week announced their new unified NST6000 series of storage systems. The NST6000 storage solutions support Fibre Channel (FC) and iSCSI for block along with NFS, CIFS/SMB and FTP for file access from virtual and physical servers.

Emulex announced some new 16Gb Fibre Channel (e.g. 16GFC) aka what Brocade wants you to refer to as Gen 5 converged and multi-port adapters. I wonder how many still remember or would rather forget how many ASIC and adapter gens from various vendors occurred just at 1Gb Fibre Channel?

Storage I/O trends

Caching and flash SSD

Proximal announced V2.0 of AutoCache 2.0 with role based administration, multi-hypervisor support (a growing trend beyond just a VMware focus) and more vCenter/vSphere integration. This is on the heels of last week’s FusionIO powered IBM Flash Cache Storage Accelerator (FCSA ) announcement, along with others such as EMC , Infinio, Intel, NetApp, Pernix, SanDisk (Flashsoft) to name a few.

Mellanox (VMworld booth #2005), you know, the Infinaband folks who also have some Ethernet (which also includes Fibre Channel over Ethernet) technology did a series of announcements today with various PCIe nand flash SSD card vendors. The common theme with the various vendors including Micron (Booth #1635) and LSI is in support of VMware virtual servers using iSER or iSCSI over RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access). RDMA or server to server direct memory access (what some of you might know as remote memory mapped IO or channel to channel C2C) enables very fast low server to server data movement such as in a VMware cluster. Check out Mellanox and their 40Gb Ethernet along with Infinaband among other solutions if you are into server, storage i/o and general networking, along with their partners. Need or want to learn more about networking with your servers and storage check out Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking and Resilient Storage Networking .

Rest assured there are many more announcements and updates to come this week, and in the weeks to follow…

Ok, nuff said (for now).

Cheers gs

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