The function of XaaS(X) – Pick a letter

October 1, 2009 – 4:29 pm

Remember the xSP era where X was I for ISP (Internet Service Provider) or M for Managed Service Provider (MSP) or S for Storage Service Provider, part of buzzword bingo?

That was similar to the xLM craze where X could have been I for Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), D for Data Lifecycle Management (DLM) and so forth where even someone tried to register the term ILM and failed instead of grabbing something like XLM, lest I digress.

Fast forward to today, given the wide spread use of anything SaaS among other XaaS terms, lets have a quick and perhaps fun look at what some of the different usages of the new function XaaS(X) in the IT industry today.

By no means is this an exhaustive list, feel free to comment with others, the more the merrier. Using the Basic English alphabet without numbers or extended character sets, here are some possibilities among others (some are and continue to be used in the industry):

AAnalyst, Application, Archive, Audit or Authentication
BBackup or Blogger
CCloud, Complier, Compute or Connectivity
DData management, Datawharehouse, DBA, Dedupe, Development, Disk or Docmanagement
EEmail, Encryption or Evangelist
FFiles or Freeware
GGrid or Google
HHelp, Hotline or Hype
IILM, Information, Infrastructure, IO or IT
LLibrary or Linkedin
MMainframe, Marketing, Manufacturing, Media, Memory or Middleware
NNAS, Networking or Notification
OOffice, Oracle, Optical or Optimization
PPerformance, Petabytes, Platform, Policy, Police, Print or PR
RRAID, Replication, Reporter, Research or Rightsmanagement
SSAN, Search, Security, Server, Software, Storage, Support
TTape, Technology, Testing, Tradegroup, Trends or Twittering
VVAR, Virtualization or Vendor
ZzSeries or zilla

Feel free to comment with others for the list, and likewise, feel free to share the list.

Cheers gs

Cheers gs
Greg Schulz – StorageIO, Author “The Green and Virtual Data Center” (CRC)