Something You May Not See Everyday!

March 22, 2009 – 12:42 pm

Yesterday while taking a break and enjoying the nice spring weather with Karen and the dogs, watching the annual Ice Berg races and parade, a visitor stopped by and pulled up to our dock for a visit. Now, normally we get visitors dropping by on motorcycles, bicycles, utility or other recreational vehicles along with regular automobiles. Likewise, having a river that flows into the Mississippi (taken from my hotel room in St. Louis this past week) and then onto the gulf of mexico lends it self to various having visitors stop by via water, that is by canoe, kayak, pontoon or other boating vessel. What made yesterdays visit interesting was that of a Amphicar, one of those not so common 1960’s vintage hybrid automobile aqaua cars.

Amphicar Approaching (Photo by Karen Schulz (C) 2009)Amphicar at dock (Photo by Karen Schulz (C) 2009)Amphicar leaving dock (Photo by Karen Schulz (C) 2009)Amphicar departing (Photo by Karen Schulz (C) 2009)Amphicar on land (Photo by Karen Schulz (C) 2009)

How fitting the first visitor of the spring by water was a hybrid, an aquacar, ah, finally spring is here.

Enjoy spring for those of you in the northern hemisphere, for those of you in the southern hemisphere, enjoy your fall.

Cheers gs

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