Hello From EMC World Bloggers Lounge

May 18, 2009 – 3:44 pm

EMC Blogger Lounge at EMCworld The day is looking up, it started out early, too early with a 7AM flight to Orlando leaving a nice sunny day in MSP arriving in MCO (that’s Minneapolis and Orlando for those who don’t use IATA airport codes) during a heavy rainstorm with plenty of storm clouds in the area ;) .

Oh, for those concerned about green and flying, the Boeing 757 with a pretty full passenger load of about 150 including two search and rescue dogs (they were in the row behind me) got about 65 miles per gallon per passenger, not to shabby for the 2.5 hour flight.

Once registered at the event, I attended an analyst session this afternoon that included a question and answer discussion session with Joe Tucci and other EMC folks.

Now I’m spending a few minutes in the bloggers lounge (where there are also several twitters as well) having a much needed cappuccino and trying out my flip video camcorder.

Here’s a quick video taken with my new flip video camcorder I won in a raffle giveaway. Plenty of EMC and partner loggers as well as others have been coming and going, some you may even recognize in the video. The flip camcorder is pretty easy to use both in terms of setup, configuration, shooting 1st video, editing, and uploading for use in this blog post from EMCworld.

Time to get ready for some more meetings before a dinner event tonight and more meetings over the next couple of days, now back to your regularly scheduled programming, nuff said for now.

BTW – Anyone going to the Brocade margaritaville event tomorrow night in Orlando, just received my orange wrist band!

Cheers gs
Greg Schulz – StorageIO, Author “Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking” (CRC Press) and “The Green and Virtual Data Center” (CRC)