Getting Caught Up – Its Been a Busy Year

December 29, 2008 – 1:35 pm

I’m taking a bit of a break during the holidays, getting caught up on some things, getting a jump on some others, doing some reflecting and planning for 2009 and doing a bit of relaxing and having some fun as well.

As I look back on 2008, I realize why it seems like just a blur having been busy writing articles, columns, FAQ and ATE, tips, white papers and solutions briefs, twitters and blog posts in addition to doing video, Webcast and pod casts while doing research and analysis consulting work in-between keynote and speaking at industry conferences, seminars and other events.

In 2008, there were the hundreds of interviews by press/media and others to provide commentary, opinions and industry trends and perspectives, the hundreds of briefings and updates as well as providing feedback to vendors and their PR folks to stay current on industry activity including evolution and innovation. In between all of that, I managed to write a new book The Green and Virtual Data Center (Auerbach) that you can order at, as well as get some sightseeing and relaxation in along the way.

Yes indeed, its been a busy yet good year and while I have not been everywhere, however looking back at 2008, I do feel like Ive been everywhere (Ive been everywhere Johnny Cash), at least virtually so to speak having been in Albany, Amsterdam (Netherlands), Atlanta, Bergen (Norway), Boston, Calgary, Cedar Rapids, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Detroit, Freemont, Hadeland (Norway), Hamer (Norway), Houston, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Lillehammer (Norway), Los Angles, Memphis, Minneapolis, Molde (Norway), New Orleans, New York City, Newark, Nijkrek (Netherlands), Olden (Norway), Orlando, Oslo (Norway), Plano, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Sogndal (Norway), Sonoma, St. Louis, Toronto, Tretten (Norway), Trondheim (Norway), Utrecht (Netherlands) and of course home in the Stillwater area.

What does 2009 have in store?

Like the IT industry, there will be more of the same to sum it up.

That is, more content (white papers, solution briefs, industry perspectives and commentary, articles and blogs) generated that will appear in different venues.

There will be new and more research and analysis activity around IT and data infrastructure techniques and techniques across servers, storage, I/O networking hardware & software tools, as well as more keynote and speaking events among other activities with topics around data protection and management, performance and capacity planning, green computing, SSD, data footprint reduction, business continuance (BC) and disaster recovery for virtual and physical environments, clouds, grids and clusters, virtualizaiton and I/O networking among others.

Keep an eye on the events page with several items already listed including keynoting at the SNIA January symposium along with several keynote presentations with IT professionals at custom seminars and customer events in Tucson, Cancun Mexico and Las Vegas with others in the works.

Thanks to all who helped make 2008 a tremendous and eventful year and best wishes to all for an exciting if not interesting 2009.

Cheers and best wishes – gs

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