Full RSS archive feeds are now available for StorageIOblog

June 25, 2011 – 10:34 am

To speed up access to the StorageIO and StorageIOblog site RSS full and RSS summary feeds, older posts have been moved to a new archive RSS feed. Theese changes are only to the RSS full and summary feed files, no changes have been made to the StorageIOblog site.

View or access the full StorageIO RSS feed (httP://storageioblog.com/RSSfullArchive.xml) here.

Enjoy the faster access RSS full and summary feed, plus archived feeds. Ok, nuf said for now.

Cheers gs

Greg Schulz – Author The Green and Virtual Data Center (CRC), Resilient Storage Networks (Elsevier) and coming summer 2011 Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking (CRC)
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