EMCworld 2016 EMC Hybrid and Converged Clouds Your Way

May 3, 2016 – 3:17 pm

EMCworld 2016 EMC Hybrid and Converged Clouds Your Way

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This is a quick post looking at a high-level view of today’s EMCworld 2016 announcements.

Following up from yesterdays post covering the set of announcements, today’s theme is around Hybrid, Converged and Clouds your way. In addition to the morning announcements, EMC also yesterday afternoon announced InfoArchive 4.0 and EMC LEAP cloud native content applications for Enterprise Content Management (ECM). However lets focus on today’s announcements with a focus of modernize, transform and automate your date center.

Today’s announcements include:

  • Cloud solution portfolio enhancements with Native Hybrid Cloud (NHC) turnkey developer platform for cloud native application development. NHC editions include those for VMware vSphere, OpenStack and VMware Photo Platform. Read more here.

  • VCE VxRack System 1000 with new Neutrino Nodes which are software defined hyper-converged rack scale solutions to support turnkey cloud (public, private, hybrid) implementations. Read more about VxRack System 1000 with links here.

  • NVMe based DSSD D5 flash SSD system enhancements include ability to stripe two systems together in a single rack to double the IOPs, bandwidth and capacity. Also new is a VCE VxRack system with DSSD. Read more about DSSD D5 enhancements here.

Some Hardware That Gets Software Defined

Rear view of EMC Neutrion node

Rear view of EMC Neutrino node

Where To Learn More

  • Session Streaming For video of keynotes, general sessions, backstage sessions, and EMC TV coverage, click here
  • Social: Follow @EMCWorld,  @EMCCorp, @EMC_News and @EMCStorage, and join conversations with  #EMCWORLD, and like EMC on Facebook
  • Photos: Access event photos via  Flickr and EMC Pulse Blog or visit the special EMC World News microsite here
  • Reflections: Read Core Technologies President, Guy Churchward’s Reflections post on today’s announcements here
  • Visit the EMC Store, the EMC Community Network Site and The Core Blog

What This All Means

For those of you who have installed OpenStack either from scratch, or using one of the appliances, you understand what’s involved with doing so. The point is that for those who are in the business or jobs are based on installing or configuring or software defining the software and cloud configurations, turnkey solutions may not be a fit, or at least yet. On the other hand, if your focus is doing other things and are looking for boosting productivity, then turnkey solutions are a way of fast tracking deployment. Likewise for those who have the need for more speed from bandwidth or IOPs, the DSSD D5 enhancements will help in those environments.

Ok, nuff said


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