Book review: Rethinking Enterprise Storage by Microsoft/Storsimple Marc Farley

January 13, 2014 – 1:09 pm

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Book review: Rethinking Enterprise Storage – A Hybrid Cloud Model by Marc Farley

The O’Reilly @oreillymedia media folks (oops, excuse me, Microsoft Press) sent me out (that’s a disclosure btw) an real soft cover print copy of Rethinking Enterprise Storage – A Hybrid Cloud Model by Marc Farley aka @MicroFarley of Microsoft/Storsimple that features a forward by Martin Glassborow aka @Storagebod.

Rethinking Enterprise Storage - A Hybrid Cloud Model

Topics and themes covered in the book

  • Understanding scale storage architectures (hmm, great way of saying hybrid ;)
  • Rethinking data protection including disaster recovery (DR) best practices
  • Enhancing data protection using cloud snapshots beyond traditional backups
  • Deterministic thin recovery capabilities while dynamically expanding capacity to the cloud
  • Implement data footprint reduction (DFR) including archiving digital documents to the cloud
  • Insight and awareness into keep performance indicators along with various use cases

Rethinking Enterprise Storage book Details

Publisher: Microsoft Press
Author: Marc Farley
Paper back
Features: Many diagrams, figures, index, glossary
Pages: 101
ISBN: 978-0-7356-7990-3
Published: 2013
MSRP: $9.99 USD

Sample pages of rethinking enterprise storage
One of the many books many figures on the right, on the left i needed to hold a page down ;)!

What’s inside the book

Make no mistake that this is a Microsoft and Storsimple themed book, however IMHO Marc (aka Farley) does a great job of making it more relevant than just another vendor product book (JAVPB). While it is a Microsoft focused book around enabling hybrid cloud storage for various applications, the premises presented could be adapted for other environments or implementations. The book at 101 pages including table of contents (TOC), index, appendix, glossary and other front matter is a very easy and fast read while providing more information or coverage than what might be found in a "Dummies" type themed book.

Looking inside Rethinking Enterprise Storage by Marc Farley
Start thinking outside the box (or cloud), imagine what you can do with a Hybrid cloud!


Overall I found the book to be good and not just because I know Marc or that the O’Reilly folks sent me a free copy (I had actually previously received the electronic ebook version), rather that it is timely and does a nice job of conveying the topic theme and setting up the conversation, time to rethink storage for enterprise and other environments. IMHO the question is not if hybrid cloud storage is in your future, rather when, where, why, for what, how, with whom and related conversations. While you can buy a copy of the book at various venues, it shouldn’t take a lot of effort to get your own printed soft cover copy, or an ebook version.

Btw, here’s a pod cast discussion with Marc Farley from spring 2013 at SNW, as well as a link to a hybrid cloud and object storage post he did over at Microsoft Technet.

To summarize and quote Marc Farley "Hey now…."

Ok, nuff said

Cheers gs

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