Beware of Announcements on April 1st!!!

March 29, 2008 – 10:24 am

Normally what is understood shouldnít have to be discussed, however, sometimes a reminder is in order particularly with April 1st just around the corner which means “April Fools”.

With that in mind, here’s a list of things to watch-out for or be ready to question regarding announcements and news on or about April 1st. Come to think about, this list is probably just as relevant most of the year anyway!

Industry First
Industry Unique
Industry Leadership
Record Setting
So Easy our CEO can use it
Worlds Fastest
Unlimited Scaling
Best in Class
Greenest Software or storage
Virtual Virtualization (VV)
Grid 2.0
Grid 3.0

Some technologies not to be fooled by:

RAID 69 Based disk storage (Itís a dual parity scheme optimized for distributed parity across both the northern and southern hemispheres using counter rotating SSD) to address your power, cooling, floor space and environmental (PCFE) issues. If it shows up in a green color be very skeptical!

Grid 2.0 Storage – A repackaged USB based storage with two (Grid) processors to manage 1.5TB of data on your desktop with optimal wNFS (NAS over WiFi) support.

SDD Technology – Self Deleting Data Ė Not to be confused with some type of virus, the marketing pitch will be “Show me your lost data and we will show you data you did not need” – CAGR expected to be 1,234% with a TAM of quad-zillions over next 3 years with a probability of .88% based on preliminary survey results. Watch for vendors with early proof of concept prototypes to quickly re-label their technology that was previously tagged as lacking data integrity to become industry leaders and industry unique in this new category of data and storage management.

Rest assured there will be many othersÖ
Have a safe and happy April 1st and
Donít get fooled again.