Stillwater St Croix Backyard Black Bear aka Yogi Images

July 3, 2017 – 10:18 am

Stillwater St Croix Backyard Black Bear aka Yogis

Updated 5/7/2018

Various images from the Stillwater Minnesota St Croix River area of backyard black bear aka yogis.

If you are wondering what yogi and black bears have to do with server storage I/O networking, data infrastructure or other technology, well, it is not directly related, at least yet ;)

Update 5/7/18 DNR launches bear sightings app for Minnesota

The DNR has added an app to their website where you can enter black bear (aka Yogis) seen in southern (including twin cities metro area) as well as western Minnesota. Visit the DNR site here and check out the app where you can enter where you have seen Yogis, as well as see where they are being seen.

Some Backyard Black Bear Yogi Images

First we see a short video of Mamma Bear and her cubs


Next we see a series of still black and white images of a single Yogi black bear. In the first image Yogi is a foot or two from the camera. In the others Yogi is a meter or two from the camera.

Minnesota Black Bears aka Yogis
Close up of Yogi the black bear

Some more black bear yogi images..
Black Bears aka Yogi near St Croix River Stillwater MN
Yogi was moving so not as good of image

Meanwhile, few days later, another Yogi (black bear) view.

Black Bear Image Near Stillwater Minnesota
Side view of Yogi spring 2017

Check out the shoulders on Yogi in the following image from Fall 2017 near Stillwater MN.

Fall Black Bear Stillwater St Croix River
Yogi out for fall 2017 evening walk

The following are a pair of bear Cubs from fall 2014 near Stillwater MN. These are good examples of why you want to take down your bird feeders in the fall, and delay setting them up in the spring. Bird feeders become bear feeders, so similar to how Smokey the bear says only you can prevent forest fires, only you can prevent bears knocking down your bird feeders.

Single bear cub at the bird feeder
Yogi Jr. feeding at the bird (bear) feeder, note the technique

Single bear cub at the bird feeder
Yogi Jr. and Booboo feeding at the bird (bear) feeder

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What This All Means

Enjoy the Stillwater St Croix Backyard Black Bear aka Yogis.

Ok, nuff said, for now.


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