The Value of Infrastructure Insight – Enabling Informed Decision Making

October 11, 2016 – 9:48 pm

The Value of Infrastructure Insight – Enabling Informed Decision Making

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Join me and Virtual Instruments CTO John Gentry on October 27, 2016 for a free webinar (registration required) titled The Value of Infrastructure Insight – Enabling Informed Decision Making with Virtual Instruments. In this webinar, John and me will discuss the value of data center infrastructure insight both as a technology as well as a business and IT imperative.

Software Defined Data Infrastructure
Various Infrastructures – Business, Information, Data and Physical (or cloud)

Leveraging infrastructure performance analytics is key to assuring the performance, availability and cost-effectiveness of your infrastructure, especially as you transform to a hybrid data center over the coming years. By utilizing real-time and historical infrastructure insight from your servers, storage and networking, you can avoid flying blind and give situational awareness for proactive decision-making. The result is faster problem resolution, problem avoidance, higher utilization and the elimination of performance slowdowns and outages.

View the companion Server StorageIO Industry Trends Report available here (free, no registration required) at the Virtual Instruments web page resource center.


The above Server StorageIO Industry Trends Perspective Report (click here to download PDF) looks at the value of data center infrastructure insight both as a technology as well as a business productivity enabler. Besides productivity, having insight into how data infrastructure resources (servers, storage, networks, system software) are used, enables informed analysis, troubleshooting, planning, forecasting as well as cost-effective decision-making.

In other words, data center infrastructure insight, based on infrastructure performance analytics, enables you to avoid flying blind, having situational awareness for proactive Information Technology (IT) management. Your return on innovation is increased, and leveraging insight awareness along with metrics that matter drives return on investment (ROI) along with enhanced service delivery.

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What This All Means

What this all means is that the key to making smart, informed decisions involving data infrastructure, servers, storage, I/O across different applications is having insight and awareness. See for yourself how you can gain insight into your existing information factory environment performing analysis, as well as comparing and simulating your application workloads for informed decision-making.

Having insight and awareness (e.g. instruments) allows you to avoid flying blind, enabling smart, safe and informed decisions in different conditions impacting your data infrastructure. How is your investment in hardware, software, services and tools being leveraged to meet given levels of services? Is your information factory (data center and data infrastructure) performing at its peak effectiveness?

How are you positioned to support growth, improve productivity, remove complexity and costs while evolving from a legacy to a next generation software-defined, cloud, virtual, converged or hyper-converged environment with new application needs?

Data infrastructure insight benefits and takeaways:

  • Informed performance-related decision-making
  • Support growth, agility, flexibility and availability
  • Maximize resource investment and utilization
  • Find, fix and remove I/O bottlenecks
  • Puts you in control in the driver’s seat

Remember to register and attend the October 27 webinar that you can register here.

Btw, Virtual Instruments has been a client of Server StorageIO and that fwiw is a disclosure.

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