Trains Going “Green”, ah, well, maybe “Blue”…

March 3, 2008 – 6:03 pm

With all of the global focus on going green, saving the planet, green IT and green storage all of which are good when like so many other things when done in moderation, the focus especially around IT and even aviation tends to be around green house gas (GHG), Co2/Carbon Offsets and so forth. Well, when I read this article about what India is doing to make their trains more green it got me thinking, perhaps a more moderate or balanced approach to green messaging should include more looking down at the ground than up in the sky.

That is, focus on some additional issues including ewaste with rules such as RoHS, WEEE among others in addition to the focus on reducing carbon and GHGs. By spending some time looking down as opposed to just looking up so to speak, you can reduce the chances of stepping in something undesirable as well as seeing real issues including power, cooling, floor space, environmental (PCFE) related items that can be addressed as well as on a go forward basis.

Interested in green IT and storage along with associated PCFE topics? I will be presenting at SNW in Orlando in April as well as Storage Decisions in May in Chicago on those and other related topics, learn more at the StorageIO events page. If you will be at any of those venues, stop by and say hello.