Storage Performance Council releases Component (SPC-1C and SPC-2C) results

October 16, 2008 – 7:22 pm

Storage I/O trends

For those interested in benchmarking activities or debates, the Storage Performance Council (aka SPC) released their new component level tests along with some first results for disk drives.

What differs the component SPC tests (e.g. SPC-1C and SPC-2C) from their the total system tests (SPC-1C and SPC-2C) is that only specific components are tested, such as a disk drive or adapter without being part of a total solution. If you recall from back in January of this year, NetApp stirred things up a bit by submitting SPC results for themselves as well as for EMC.

Here’s a link to a presentation from SPC about SPC-1C and SPC-2C.

In addition to the SPC-1C and SPC-2C, there are also several new SPC-1 and SPC-2 submissions from a long list of vendors and their latest technologies including with more in the works.