Snow Birds

February 13, 2008 – 2:39 pm

Don’t ask me why, maybe it was flying through Detroit or Chicago weaving between snowstorms the other day enroute to Florida, a place where many northern “snow birds” flock towards during the winter months to escape the harsh weather like what most of the northern U.S. is facing this week. Maybe it was the audience and atmosphere of the inaugural Florida Linux Show in Jacksonville Florida where I did a keynote talk the other day, an audience who adorn the penguin.

I’m thinking that it was a combination of too much iPod time, enroute to a conference where penguin fans (and not Pittsburgh hockey fans) convene in a state where many escape to this time of year and how cold it has been, that had a tune in my head “We come from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where hot springs blow…” which if you are up on your “Zeppelin”, you recognize.

Rod Sharp and Don (aka “The Linux Guy”) Corbet put together a great inaugural event the other day at the University of Northern Florida complete with a ribbon cutting ceremony, several presentations and keynotes along with an exhibit area. What I found interesting about the event was the diversity of the attendees which represented a diverse cross section of interests, focus areas and types of organizations from enterprise to prosumer and pretty much everything in between not to mention the enthusiasm and interest of the attendees to engage and share ideas and information, made for a fun Monday morning before returning back to the cold and frozen tundra.

Thanks Rod and Don for the opportunity to participate and be the key note at your event this week.