Sherwood becomes Atrato

February 13, 2008 – 3:47 pm

If you had heard of Sherwood based in the Denver area in the past and saw the PR about Atrato and have not connected the dots, don’t worry, they are one in the same with a new name. Sherwood, I mean Atrato from a hardware and geeky side are kind of cool using I/O accelerators to boost performance to magnitudes better than traditional spinning magnetic hard disk drives.

However, with the price of SSD (both flash and RAM) based technologies falling as fast as Britney Spears musical career, and the usable capacity and performance per footprint with SSD rising as fast as Eli Manning’s endorsement deals, one has to wonder what the real value proposition will end up being with and for Atrato and can they leverage their hardware centric lineup of management talent and investors to secure a major OEM deal? Will this be a niche product for niche extreme corner case markets, or, can Atrato play to a more mainstream audience in the face of growing competition from the many faces of SSD based technologies?

Time will tell.