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February 22, 2017 – 6:34 pm
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IT Data Center and Data Infrastructure Industry Links Page (P to T)

Updated 1/12/2018

Following are some useful data infrastructure industry links to cloud, virtual and traditional IT data infrastructure related web sites. The data infrastructure environment (servers, storage, IO and networking, hardware, software, services, virtual, container and cloud) is rapidly changing. You may encounter a missing URL, or a URL that has changed. This list is updated on a regular basis to reflect changes (additions, changes, and retirement). Disclaimer and note: URL’s submitted for inclusion on this site will be reviewed for consideration and to be in generally accepted good taste in regards to the theme of this site. Best effort has been made to validate and verify the data infrastructure URLs that appear on this page and web site however they are subject to change. The author and/or maintainer(s) of this page and web site make no endorsement to and assume no responsibility for the URLs and their content that are listed on this page. Send an email note to info at storageio dot com that includes company name, URL, contact name, title and phone number along with a brief 40 character description to be considered for addition to the above data infrastructure list, or, to be removed. Note that Server StorageIO and UnlimitedIO LLC (e.g. StorageIO) does not sell, trade, barter, borrow or share your contact information per our Privacy and Disclosure policy. View related data infrastructure Server StorageIO content here, and signup for our free newsletter here.

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Other Links

    •    WAFS and networking solutions (Bought Tacit)
    •    CWDM and DWDM networking solutions
    •    Clustered storage solution
    •    Virtual machine backup software (Bought by Quantum)
    •    Networking and cable management
    •    Cloud storage access software
    •     Business and data analytics
    •    Storage management and backup tools
    •    VDI and desktop virtualization and cloud tools
    •     Clustered and cloud storage software
    •    PCI trade group (PCI, PCI-X, PCI-Express/PCIe)
    •    HPC servers, storage and hosting
    •    Archive solutions (Stealth)
    •    Data archiving solutions
    • Pernixdata    Server and storage I/O cache optimization for virtual servers
    •    Hosting and managed service provider (Bought by Dell)
    •    Security tools (Bought by Symantec)
    • PHDvirtual    Data protection tools
    •    Data storage solutions – (Bought by Oracle)
    •    Email, archive solutions, web and data protection
    •    IP Storage
    • Pivotal Labs    Big Data, PaaS development tools, EMC/VMware spinout
    •    (Now called Alliance Storage Technologies) Optical Storage Solutions
    •    SSD and other storage solutions
    •    Solid state storage devices (SSD) – (Bought by SANdisk)
    • Pluribus Networks    Converged and software defined network management
    •    Storage networking component supplier
    •    Memory componets and technology
    • Pogoplug    Cloud storage
    •    Clustered storage solutions (Sold to HP)
    • Polargy    Data Center facilaties, HVAC and DCIM solutions
    •    Power Processor trade group
    • Mushkin   SSD Solutions
    • Peak Cloud    Cloud and storage services
    •    Data archiving solutions
    •    UPS and power conditioning systems
    •    Archiving and migration solutions
    •    SAP consulting
    •    Cloud and managed backup service solution
    •    VAR and specialized IT systems
    •    Distributed denial of service tools
    •    RAID storage systems
    •    Removable disk storage (See RDX Alliance)
    •    Wireless networking
    •    SSD caching and tiering software
    •    Communications hardware and software
    • aka Puresilicon    SSD storage solutions
    •    SSD based storage
    • Puppet Labs    IT Automation and DCIM tools for physical, Cloud and Virtual

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Links A-E
Links F-J
Links K-O
Links P-T
Links U-Z
Other Links

Visit Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking (CRC Press), The Green and Virtual Data Center (CRC Press) and <a “”>Resilient Storage Networks (Elsevier) and twitter @storageio. Watch for the spring 2017 release of his new book “Software-Defined Data Infrastructure Essentials” (CRC Press).

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