Getting Caught Up What Happened In September 2017

September 28, 2017 – 10:25 pm
Getting Caught Up, What Happened In September? Seems like just yesterday it was the end of August with the start of VMworld in Las Vegas, now its the end of September and Microsoft Ignite in Orlando is wrapping up. Microsoft has made several announcements this week at Ignite including Azure cloud related, AI, IoT, Windows platforms, O365 among others. More about Microsoft Azure, Azure Stack, Windows Server, Hyper-V and related data infrastructure topics in future posts. Like many of you, September is a busy time of the year, so here is a recap of some of what I have been doing for the past month (among other things).VMworld Las Vegas During VMworld US VMware announced enhanced workspace, security and endpoint solutions, Pivotal Container Service (PKS) with Google for Kubernetes serverless container management, DXC partnership for hybrid cloud management, security enablement via its AppDefense solutions, data infrastructure platform enhancements including integrated OpenStack, vRealize ...

August 2017 Server StorageIO Data Infrastructure Update Newsletter

August 27, 2017 – 11:10 am
Server StorageIO August 2017 Data Infrastructure Update Newsletter

Hot Popular New Trending Data Infrastructure Vendors To Watch

August 26, 2017 – 8:02 pm
Hot Popular New Trending Data Infrastructure Vendors To WatchUpdated 1/21/2018 A common question I get asked is who are the hot popular new trending data infrastructure vendors to watch. This post looks at some data infrastructure vendors to watch and keep an eye on. Keep in mind that there is a difference between industry adoption and customer deployment, the former being what the industry (e.g. Vendors, resellers, integrators, investors, consultants, analyst, press, media, analysts, bloggers or other influences) like, want and need to talk about. Then there is customer adoption and deployment which is what is being bought, installed and used. Some Popular Trending Vendors To Watch The following is far from an exhaustive list however here are some that come to mind that I'm watching. Apcera – Enterprise class containers and management tools AWS – Rolls our new services like a startup with size momentum of a legacy player ...

Travel Fun Crossword Puzzle For VMworld 2017 Las Vegas

August 24, 2017 – 1:09 pm
Travel Fun Crossword Puzzle For VMworld 2017 Las VegasSome of you may be traveling to VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas next week to sharpen, expand, refresh or share your VMware and data infrastructure tradecraft (skills, experiences, expertise, knowledge). Here is something fun to sharpen your VMware skills while traveling. Most of these should be pretty easy meaning that you do not have to be a Unicorn, full of vCertifications, vCredentials or a 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1st time vExpert or top 100 vBlogger. However if you need the answers they are below. Note that you can also click here to get a PDF version that is larger (or click on the image) that also has the answers.For those of you who will be in Las Vegas at VMworld next week, stop by the VMworld Book Store at 1PM on Tuesday (the 29th) where I ...

Announcing Software Defined Data Infrastructure Essentials Book by Greg Schulz

August 23, 2017 – 12:41 pm
New SDDI Essentials Book by Greg Schulz of Server StorageIO Cloud, Converged, Virtual Fundamental Server Storage I/O TradecraftUpdate 1/21/2018 Over the past several months I have posted, commenting, presenting and discussing more about Software Defined Data Infrastructure Essentials aka SDDI or SDDC and SDI. Now it is time to announce my new book (my 4th solo project), Software Defined Data Infrastructure Essentials Book (CRC Press). Software Defined Data Infrastructure Essentials is now generally available at various global venues in hardcopy, hardback print as well as various electronic versions including via Amazon and CRC Press among others. For those attending VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas, I will be doing a book signing, meet and greet at 1PM Tuesday August 29 in the VMworld book store, as well as presenting at various other fall industry events. Software Defined Data Infrastructure Essentials Book Announcement (Via Businesswire) Stillwater, Minnesota – August 23, 2017  – Server StorageIO, ...

Chelsio Storage over IP and other Networks Enable Data Infrastructures

August 18, 2017 – 11:33 am
Chelsio Storage over IP Enable Data InfrastructuresChelsio and Storage over IP (SoIP) continue to enable Data Infrastructures from legacy to software defined virtual, container, cloud as well as converged. This past week I had a chance to visit with Chelsio to discuss data infrastructures, server storage I/O networking along with other related topics. More on Chelsio later in this post, however, for now lets take a quick step back and refresh what is SoIP (Storage over IP) along with Storage over Ethernet (among other networks).Various IT and Cloud Infrastructure Layers including Data Infrastructures Server Storage over IP Revisited There are many variations of SoIP from network attached storage (NAS) file based processing including NFS, SAMBA/SMB (aka Windows File sharing) among others. In addition there is various block such as SCSI over IP (e.g. iSCSI), along with object via HTTP/HTTPS, not to mention the buzzword bingo list of RoCE, iSER, iWARP, RDMA, DDPK, ...

Microsoft Azure Software Defined Data Infrastructure Reference Resources

August 17, 2017 – 4:41 pm
Azure Software Defined Data Infrastructure Architecture ResourcesNeed to learn more about Microsoft Azure Cloud Software Defined Data Infrastructure topics including reference architecture among other resources for various application workloads? Microsoft Azure has an architecture and resources page (here) that includes various application workload reference tools. Azure Reference Architectures via Microsoft Azure Examples of some Azure Reference Architecture for various application and workloads include among others:Sharepoint High Availability (HA) Windows Virtual Machines (standalone, availability and other options) Linux Virtual Machines (standalone, availability and other options) Managed Web Applications including Multi Region SAP DeploymentsFor example, need to know how to configure a high availability (HA) Sharepoint deployment with Azure, then check out this reference architecture shown below.Sharepoint HA via Microsoft AzureWhere To Learn More Learn more about related technology, trends, tools, techniques, and tips with the following links.Cloud Storage Decision Making and and more here Microsoft ...

Like Data They Protect For Now Quantum Revenues Continue To Grow

August 14, 2017 – 11:59 am
For Now Quantum Revenues Continue To GrowFor Now Quantum Revenues Continue To Grow. The other day following their formal announced, I received an summary update from Quantum pertaining to their recent Q1 Results (show later below).Various IT and Cloud Infrastructure Layers including Data Infrastructures Quantums Revenues Continue To Grow Like Data One of the certainties in life is change and the other is continued growth in data that gets transformed into information via IT and other applications. Data Infrastructures fundamental role is to enable an environment for applications and data to be transformed into information and delivered as services. In other words, Data Infrastructures exist to protect, preserve, secure and serve information along with the applications and data they depend on. Quantums role is to provide solutions and technologies for enabling legacy and cloud or other software defined data infrastructures to protect, preserve, secure and serve data. What caught my eye in Quantums ...

Data Infrastructure Industry Trends WekaIO Matrix Software Defined Storage SDS

August 12, 2017 – 10:47 am
WekaIO Matrix Scale Out Software Defined Storage SDSUpdated 2/11/2018WekaIO Matrix is a scale out software defined solution (SDS).This Server StorageIO Industry Trends Perspective report looks at common issues, trends, and how to address different application server storage I/O challenges. In this report, we look at WekaIO Matrix, an elastic, flexible, highly scalable easy to use (and manage) software defined (e.g. software based) storage solution. WekaIO Matrix enables flexible elastic scaling with stability and without compromise. Matrix is a new scale out software defined storage solution that:Installs on bare metal, virtual or cloud servers Has POSIX, NFS, SMB, and HDFS storage access Adaptable performance for little and big data Tiering of flash SSD and cloud object storage Distributed resilience without compromise Removes complexity of traditional storage Deploys on bare metal, virtual and cloud environmentsWhere To Learn More View additional SDS and related topics via the following links.WekaIO ...

Like IT Data Centers Do You Take Trade Show Exhibit Infrastructure For Granted?

August 11, 2017 – 9:57 am
Do You Take Trade Show Exhibit Infrastructure For Granted?Think about this for a moment; do you assume that Information Technology (IT) and Cloud based data centers along with their associated Data Infrastructure supporting various applications will be accessible when needed. Likewise, when you go to a trade show, conference, symposium, user group or another conclave is it assumed that the trade show, exposition (expo), exhibits, booths, stands or demo areas will be ready, waiting and accessible?Fire Disrupts Flash Memory Summit Conference Exhibits This past week at the Flash Memory Summit (FMS) conference trade show event in Santa Clara California, what normally would be taken for granted (e.g. expo hall and exhibits) were disrupted. The disruption (more here and here) was caused by an early morning fire in one of the exhibitor’s booths (stand) in the expo hall (view some photos ...

NVMe Wont Replace Flash By Itself They Complement Each Other

August 9, 2017 – 10:58 am
NVMe Wont Replace Flash By Itself They Complement Each OtherUpdated 2/2/2018NVMe Wont Replace Flash By Itself They Complement Each Other > Various Solid State Devices (SSD) including NVMe, SAS, SATA, USB, M.2 There has been some recent industry marketing buzz generated by a startup to get some attention by claiming via a study sponsored by including the startup that Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) Express (NVMe) will replace flash storage. Granted, many IT customers as well as vendors are still confused by NVMe thinking it is a storage medium as opposed to an interface used for accessing fast storage devices such as nand flash among other solid state devices (SSDs). Part of that confusion can be tied to common SSD based devices rely on NVM that are persistent memory retaining data when powered off (unlike the memory in your computer).Instead of saying NVMe will mean the demise of flash, what should or could be ...

July 2017 Server StorageIO Data Infrastructures Update Newsletter

July 31, 2017 – 2:55 pm

Zombie Technology Life after Death Tape Is Still Alive

July 24, 2017 – 1:47 pm
Zombie Technology Life after Death Tape Is Still AliveA Zombie Technology is one declared dead yet has Life after Death such as Tape which is still alive.Image via (licensed for use from Tapes Evolving Role Sure we have heard for decade’s about the death of tape, and someday it will be dead and buried (I mean really dead), no longer used, buried, existing only in museums. Granted tape has been on the decline for some time, and even with many vendors exiting the marketplace, there remains continued development and demand within various data infrastructure environments, including software defined as well as legacy.Tape remains viable for some environments as part of an overall memory data storage hierarchy including as a portability (transportable) as well as bulk storage medium.Keep in mind that tapes role as a data storage medium also continues to ...

Who Will Be At Top Of Storage World Next Decade?

July 22, 2017 – 1:09 pm
Who Will Be At Top Of Storage World Next Decade?Data Storage regardless of if hardware, legacy, new, emerging, cloud service or various software defined storage (SDS) approaches are all fundamental resource components of data infrastructures along with compute server, I/O networking as well as management tools, techniques, processes and procedures. Fundamental Data Infrastructure resources Data infrastructures include legacy along with software defined data infrastructures (SDDI), along with software defined data centers (SDDC), cloud and other environments to support expanding workloads more efficiently as well as effectively (e.g. boosting productivity).Data Infrastructure and other IT Layers (stacks and altitude levels) Various data infrastructures resource components spanning server, storage, I/O networks, tools along with hardware, software, services get defined as well as composed into solutions or services which may in turn be further aggregated into more extensive higher altitude offerings (e.g. further up the stack).Various IT and Data Infrastructure Stack Layers (Altitude Levels) Focus ...