My How Time Flys By…

July 12, 2008 – 10:18 am

Storage I/O trends

Here it is July already and the time just seems to be flying by as is often the case during the summer months. It�s been a few weeks, well, ok; a month since I last posted anything here and I hope to get back to a more regular schedule soon.

So, what have I been doing over the past month of so that has kept me from more regular postings?

Some travel around the US and Europe for both business and personal, doing speaking and keynote engagements, round table forums and discussions, consulting and research activity, working on various projects for clients, developing new content among other activities.

Greg busy working on new content and projects while traveling in Norway - Summer 2008

Summer time is also a good time to catch up on some reading which I have been able to do some of, however it�s also a time to be working on new material for others as well.

In addition to developing new content including industry trends and perspective white papers, reports, solution briefs, tips, webcasts and articles, many of which should be appearing soon, I�m also working on a new book that I will be discussing more in the coming weeks and months. Rest assured, I have been able to get some relaxation time including some fishing, boating and other activities. For now, enjoy the summer, or for our friends down under, enjoy the winter!

Chat soon