Mr. Backup (Curtis Preston) goes back to Ceph School

November 12, 2012 – 7:37 am

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In this episode, I am at the Ceph day in Amsterdam Holland event at the Tobacco Theatre hosted by and

Ceph Day Amsterdam 2012

My guest for this episode is Curtis (Mr. Backup) Preston (@wcpreston) of Backup School and Backup Central fame where we discuss what is Ceph and object storage, cloud storage, file systems, backup and data protection along with dinner we had at an Indonesian restaurant .

Dinner Restaurant Blauw Utrecht Netherlands
Mr Backup getting ready to compress and dedupe dinner

The dinner we are referring to was at Restaurant Blauw in Utrecht Holland (click here) where Curtis and me were joined by Hans De Leenher @hansdeleenher of Veeam (thanks again for the dinner, that was a disclosure btw ;) ).

Note that this is a special episode in that while I’m recording the pod cast, Curtis is recording a video of our discussion for his site that you can view here.

Click here (right-click to download MP3 file) or on the microphone image to listen to the conversation with Curtis and myself.

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Also check out the companion to this pod cast where I meet up with Ceph Creator Sage Weil while at Ceph Day.

Enjoy this episode Mr. Backup (Curtis Preston) goes back to Ceph School.


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