March 12, 2008 – 12:58 pm

In case you did not catch it, NetApp (formerly officially known as Network Appliance) who has been known in the industry for years by their nickname “NetApp” has joined the ranks of companies like FedEx (formerly known as Federal Express) to shorten their name and logo to their more commonly used and referred to name which I think is great.

NetApp is also the latest vendor to as part of their new identify makeover adopt a new logo, now some logos make more sense than others do, some leave you scratching your head as to what it means while others, well, leave it at that.

So in honor of NetApp’s new logo, let’s have a quick look and see what we can interpret or at least leave room for pondering what the logo could mean. For example, looking at the following images, granted the democratic logo has three legs, four feet and a tail showing, and the republican logo has two legs and trunk showing, so what if you transposed the blue part of both parties logo on top of the NetApp new logo?

NetApp Logo – Neutral and Agnostic???

Ok, how about does the new NetApp logo mean agnostic between block and file, or FC and iSCSI? Or that the middle opening is the door to pass into a new world, a world either of enablement or of what some might say vendor lock-in or is it the data protection vault? Nuff with NetApp, lets have a quick look at some others.

What about the “E” in the
Dell Logo
, what’s up or down with that?
Dell Logo

Then there is the tale of two plumbing and infrastructure vendors, one for IT (Brocade) and one for building and water related applications (Moen), one sold by the International Business Machine – IBM company and the other represented by the Internal Building Materials trade group.

Ok, nuff fun for now, back to work.