Just for Fun of Flying

December 13, 2008 – 9:16 pm

Ok, so if you have ever traveled, you know what its like to have to sit and wait before taking off, for some it’s a time to converse with the person next to you who either likes to talk more than you, or, is trying to ignore your conversation being polite, or perhaps a time to get a nap or read or get anxiety or what ever it is you do while waiting for a plane to take off.

So every wonder what’s really going on, what’s the flight crew doing during the wait?

Not that this happens all the time, however, for anyone who has ever lived in or been in the colder climates and have had to deal with cleaning your windshield or wind screen including jumping out of the car at a stoplight, or, reaching out while driving, you should relate to this photo courtesy of Airliners.net I came across of what a flight crew on a Boeing 757 in Europe (e.g. the UK) did to make use of some time while holding for takeoff.

Notice in the pictures that the aircraft (A/C) has its engines running at is presumably idle power while the captain and first officer (FO) use the time to do some final cleanup or wipe down of their windscreen. This is not what is normally part of the A/C deicing procedures, however like throwing snow on your cars windshield or cleaning the window while stopped at a red light, it works.

Something you don’t see everyday!

Ok, nuff said.

Cheers gs

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