IT Belt Tightening and Stratigies for IT Economic Sustainment

October 21, 2008 – 3:12 pm

Storage I/O trends

There’s been and will continue to be lots of talk around tightening IT budgets and spending. Here’s a link to a piece by Chris Preimesberger over at eWeek titled “How the ‘Down’ Macroeconomy Will Impact the Data Storage Sector”.

Here’s another related piece by Marty Foltyn over on Internet News that looks at “Storage Technologies for a Slowing Economy”.

A macro trend that Im seeing and hearing more often is that with the demise or should I say, falling out of favor of Green hype and Green washing, there is a growing realization of the practical aspects of boosting efficiency and productivity with a by-product of being environmental friendly while addressing economic issues.

The so called Green Gap (See here, here, here, here, and here) exists between green hype and rhetoric which is now destined for the endangered species or extinction list, while core issues including power, cooling, floor space/footprint and environmental health & safety (EH&S) known as PCFE that need to be addressed are in fact covered under the broader green umbrella.

With the growing realization that efficiency gains that can boost IT productivity to sustain and enable business and economic growth also help the environment, there is awareness that those initiatives and activities that address PCFE and related issues are in fact green and part of many organizations agendas and budgets. Consequently going green for the sake of going green may be falling out of favor or off of budgets for many, addressing PCFE related issues to sustain business and economic growth are gaining in popularity though not always associated with as being green.

Thus in tough economic times where dollars and productivity become important, the new green will be that of efficiency and productivity with a by-product benefit being to help the environment, some of the themes in my book, The Green and Virtual Data Center (Auerbach) that you can pre-order now at and other venues around the world.

Ok, nuff said.

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