Industry trends and perspectives: SNW 2012 Wayne’s World

October 18, 2012 – 10:59 pm

This is a StorageIO industry trends and perspective audio blog and pod cast about Storage Networking World (SNW) Fall 2012 in Santa Clara California.

StorageIO industry trends cloud, virtualization and big data

Given how at conference conversations tend to occur in the hallways, lobbies and bar areas of venues, what better place to have candid conversations with people from throughout the industry, some you know, some you will get to know better.

In this episode, I’m joined by my co-host Bruce Rave aka Bruce Ravid of Ravid & Associates as we catch up and visit with SNIA Chairman Wayne Adams in the Santa Clara Hyatt (event venue) lobby bar area.

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Click here (right-click to download MP3 file) or on the microphone image to listen to the conversation with Wayne, Bruce. Our conversations covers SNW past and present, global SNW and travel, technology and the importance of networking, that is meeting and talking with people during these events.

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I often hear people say how small the storage and networking (or other adjacent technology) industries are, and how everybody knows everyone. That might be true in some circles or sub-communities where everybody knows each other, however the industry is larger than many realize. As you listen to these series of pod casts what you will hear is a recurring theme of people meeting others at events, including some who may have passed each other in hallways for years yet never have had a chance to meet, or put a name to a face.

StorageIO industry trends cloud, virtualization and big data

While modern communications, social networking and other advances make the world a smaller place and reducing your degrees of separation with others (and your information), there is still plenty off opportunities to meet those you have not yet meet. Watch (and listen) for more StorageIO industry trends and perspectives audio blog posts pod casts from SNW and other upcoming events.

Enjoy listening to SNW 2012 Wayne’s World.

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