Happy Labor Day V2.009

September 7, 2009 – 9:48 am

Im spending a little bit of time this morning working on a few things before taking the balance of the day off to enjoy the balance of Labor Day.

However before doing so, a quick word of thanks to all of those who work hard in support of our general infrastructure, not to mention as well as the information technology and telecommunications venues we all rely upon. From the line workers out in the ditches or trenches repairing telecommunications lines or circuits damaged from storms or small rodents as well as installing new circuits to those building or maintaining other critical infrastructure items.

Lets also not forget those involved in manufacturing or support of technology devices who work hard to develop, build and maintain devices or services we all rely upon. In the data center, the folks who toil to maintain desktops or workstations, LANs, MANs, SANs, POTs and WANs along with those involved with supporting backup/recovery.

Lets also not forget about some of the technology such as servers that work under hot and cramped conditions processing larger and more time sensitive workloads or applications. Then there are the disk drives that continue to spin and the RAID controllers that labor to rebuild on the fly failed components enabling fault isolation or containment for data availability. Lest we forget the network switches and routers that move countless packets or frames of information to and fro.  

Kidding and fun aside, there are many more, countless individuals or groups representing different skills, trades and functions who labor to make the country and world for that matter work to say thanks today.

If this were a Budwieser commercial, the tag line would be “This Buds for You”, however I simply say humble and gratuitous thanks to all and have a happy labor day.

Cheers – gs

Greg Schulz – StorageIOblog, twitter @storageio Author “The Green and Virtual Data Center” (CRC)