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January 26, 2009 – 12:49 pm

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The book focuses on the idea that IT infrastructure resources configured and deployed in a highly virtualized manner can be combined with other techniques and technologies to achieve a simplified and cost-effective delivery of IT services in a clean, green, and profitable manner. �The Green and Virtual Data Center� covers these technologies and techniques that todays data centers should be considering while trying to maximize resources, such as power, cooling, floor space, storage, server performance, and network capacity.

Some of the topics include:
 Energy and data footprint reductions
 Cloud-based storage and computing
 Intelligent and adaptive power management
 Server, storage, and networking virtualization
 Tiered servers for storage, network, and data centers
 Energy avoidance and energy efficiency

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Here’s some contact informaiton pertaining to the book:

General Questions:
Greg Schulz (That’s me if you were wondering)
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+1 (651) 275-1563

Press Interviews:
Georgiana Comsa
ClassyTech PR
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John Wyzalek
Auerbach/CRC Press
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Chris Manion
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In addition to the folks at Auerbach/CRC-Taylor Francis, I would also like to thank Theron Shreve and his crew at DerryField Publishing services who assisted with layout, copyediting and other manuscript pre-production activities, as well as all the other people who helped make the book a reality.

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