Dave Demming talking tech education from SNW Spring 2013

April 17, 2013 – 11:17 pm

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Storage I/O trends

In this episode from SNW Spring 2013in Orlando Florida, Bruce Ravid (@BruceRave) and me visit with our guest long time storage industry educator Dave Demming of Solution Technology.

Our conversation covers learning and education, from instructor lead to self paced, now and in the future. We also discuss how to learn and transfer knowledge, self-improvement and career development, time management, SNIA and SNW along with FCIA, industry trends. Also discussed are music to learn with, expanding spheres of influence (and here) and keeping the mind active among other things.

Lindsey Stirling

Speaking of learning new things, Dave tells us of a great new musician named Lindsey Stirling that you can check out at Amazon.com (I already bought a copy).

Click here (right-click to download MP3 file) or on the microphone image to listen to the conversation with Dave Demming.

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Also available via Gregs StorageIO Podcast on Apple iTunes

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Enjoy this episode from SNW Spring 2013 with Dave Demming.

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