Data Storage Innovation Chat with SNIA Wayne Adams and David

April 24, 2014 – 1:48 am

Data Storage Innovation Chat with SNIA Wayne Adams and David

In this episode, SNIA Chairman Emeritus Wayne Adams and current Chairman David Dale join me in a conversation from the Data Storage Innovation Conference (DSICON) 2014 conference event.

SNIA DSI David Dale
SNIA Chairman David Dale opening remarks SNIA DSICON 2014

SNIA DSI Conference (DSICON), CDMI Conformance Testing and other updates

DSICON is a new event produced by SNIA targeted for IT professionals involved with data storage related topics, themes, technologies and tools spanning hardware, software, cloud, virtual and physical. In this conversation, we talk about the new DSI event, the diversity of new attendees who are attending their first SNIA event, along with other updates. Some of these updates include what is new with the SNIA Cloud Data Management Initiative (CDMI), Non Volatile Memory (think flash and SSD), SMIS, education and more. In addition to the DSICON event, SNIA also announced CDMI Cloud Interoperability Conformance Test Program is now available for cloud solution vendors and providers.

DSI, Santa Clara, CA (April 22, 2014)— The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), today announced the launch of a Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) Conformance Test Program (CTP)that validates cloud products’ conformance to the ISO/IEC CDMI standard for cloud data interoperability(ISO catalog number ISO/IEC 17826:2012). Cloud solutions that pass the CDMI CTP offer cloud consumers assurance that the CDMI standard has been properly implemented and that data stored in any conformant implementation will be transportable to any other conformant implementation.

Here is a perspective commentary quote that I issued which was included in the SNIA Press Release.

“Today, the cloud market is crowded with a slew of vendors offering different solutions for migration, data management and security, often leaving IT customers confused about the right solution for their requirements,” said Greg Schulz, founder of StorageIO, a storage technology advisory and consulting firm. “SNIA’s CDMI Conformance Test Program is a great step forward helping IT customers, VARs or others in the industry navigate their way through the fog of cloud interoperability requirements in a streamlined fashion, not to mention laying standard routes vendors will want to adopt going forward.”

Check out the full SNIA CDMI press release announcement for the conformance testing here, as well as learn more about CDMI here.


Listen in to our podcast conversation here as we cover cloud, convergence, software defined and more about data storage.

Topics and themes discussed:

  • Data Storage Innovation (DSICON) Conference
  • Data Storage Infrastructures and Convergence
  • Cloud Data Management Initiative (CDMI) and Conformance Testing
  • CDMI Update and Overview (or refresher)
  • Nonvolatile Memory and flash SSD
  • Standards, education and other technical activities
  • Check out SNIA and DSICON listen in to the conversation with David Dale and Wayne Adams here.

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