Data Protection Gumbo = Protect Preserve and Serve Information

April 13, 2015 – 12:02 pm

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Data Protection Gumbo = Protect Preserve and Serve Information

Recently I was invited to be a guest on the podcast Data Protection Gumbo hosted by Demetrius Malbrough (@dmalbrough).

Data Protection Gumbo Podcast Description
Data Protection Gumbo is set up with the aim of expanding the awareness of anyone responsible for protecting mission critical data, by providing them with a mix of the latest news, data protection technologies, and interesting facts on topics in the Data Backup and Recovery industry.

Data Protection Gumbo Also available on Data Protection Gumbo on iTunes

Protect Preserve and Serve Applications, Information and Data

Keep in mind that a fundamental role of Information Technology (IT) is to protect, preserve and serve business or organizations information assets including applications, configuration settings and data for use when or where needed.

Our conversation covers various aspects of data protection which has a focus of protect preserve and serve information, applications and data across different environments and customer segments. While we discuss enterprise and small medium business (SMB) data protection, we also talk about trends from Mobile to the cloud among many others tools, technologies and techniques.

Where to learn more

Learn more about data protection and related trends, tools and technologies via the following links:

Data Protection Gumbo Also available on Data Protection Gumbo on iTunes

What this all means and wrap-up

Data protection is a broad topic that spans from logical and physical security to high availability (HA), disaster recovery (DR), business continuance (BC), business resiliency (BR), archiving (including life beyond compliance) along with various tools, technologies, techniques. Keeping with the theme of protect preserve and serve, data protection to be modernized needs to become and be seen as a business asset or enabler vs. an after thought or cost over-head topic. Also, keep in mind that only you can prevent data loss, are your restores ready for when you need them?

Check out Demetrius Data Protection Gumbo podcast, also check out his Linkedin Backup & Recovery Professionals group. Speaking of data protection, check out the page for more coverage of backup/restore, HA, BC, DR, archiving and restated themes.

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