Conversation with Justin Stottlemyer of Shutterfly and object storage discussion

April 4, 2013 – 11:26 pm

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In this episode from SNW Spring 2013 in Orlando Florida, Bruce Ravid (@BruceRave) and me visit with Justin Stottlemyer (@JHStott) who is a Fellow and Storage Architect at Shutterfly.

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Our conversation centers on how Justin and Shutterfly maximize their return on innovation (the new ROI) by using object storage along with other technology and techniques to create a resilient, scalable flexible data infrastructure.

Justin was at SNW presenting on overcoming object integration at Shutterfly where their data infrastructure consists of 80PB of storage to house over 30PB of user content data that continues to grow.

Example of how we have used Shutterfly to create photo books from vacations

For those not familiar, Shutterfly providers customers with free unlimited storage of their photos which can then be printed in coffee table type books such as the one shown in the above figure. My wife has used Shutterfly a few times to create photo books such as the one shown above in the image.

As you will hear Justin explain in the pod cast, photos get uploaded and ingested into their environment and then available for printing.

In addition to talking about object storage, private clouds, business continuance (BC) and disaster recovery, other topics include performance and capacity planning, maximizing return on innovation in addition to return on investment among other items.
Varies and managed by user interface

Listen in to hear how Justin and Shutterfly are currently managing 80PB of storage with over 30PB of user data that continues to grow.

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Enjoy this episode from SNW Spring 2013 with Justin Stottlemyer of Shutterfly.

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