Closing the Green Gap – Green washing may be endangered, however addressing real green issues is here to stay

August 28, 2008 – 2:54 pm

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Here’s a new article I wrote that just appeared over at Enterprise Storage Forum called Closing the Green Storage Gap.

Not all ‘green’ IT solutions or messages are created equal. Regardless of political views, the reality is that for business and IT sustainability, a focus on ecological issues and more importantly, their economic aspects cannot be ignored.

There are business benefits to using the most energy-efficient IT solutions to meet different data and application requirements. However, vendors are busy promoting ‘green’ stories and solutions that often miss where IT organization challenges and mandates exist. This article examines the growing gap between green messaging, or ‘Green Wash,’ and how to close the gap and enable IT organization issues to be addressed today in a way that sustains business growth in an economic and ecologically friendly way.

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