Blame IT on the UN in NYC this week

September 24, 2009 – 2:31 pm

This week is UN week in NYC, that annual fall event that results in traffic jams that make normal traffic seem like a breeze.

What with the security lockdowns, sudden road closures, re-routes, news crews, security details and the like, it’s a wonder anything gets done. I was in NYC for about 26 hours this week at the Storage Decisions event where I presented on optimizing for performance and capacity to enable efficient and green storage as well as recording a video on cloud storage and saw or experienced first hand the delays.

This is not going to be one of those complain about how I was inconvenienced rants, rather a bit of fun

Consequently, should you have or had any issues this past week, do like others and blame the UN. For example, late for a meeting, presentation, conference call, coffee break or lunch, getting home or to the ballpark, blame it on the UN. Other potential items that you can feel free to blame on the UN in NYC this week include:

  • RAID rebuilds on those large disk drives taking to long
  • Server, workstation, desktop, laptop or iphone reboots taking to long.
  • Database consistency checks or virus scans taking to long, you know who you can blame!
  • Cannot get a cell phone, landline or wireless connection inside, outside or anywhere?
  • Vmotion taking to long to migrate a server, failover not as fast, you know the drill.
  • IT budget scrapped, yet you have to do more, guess who’s to blame this week
  • Regulatory compliance, BC/DR, data security have you locked up, yup, thats right!
  • Cant download, upload or access WebEx, FedEx or backup to cloud, yup, blame it on the UN
  • Cant get a loan or venture capital financing for your startup, it’s the UNs fault right?
  • Your kindle brook and Amazon took away the books you bought and downloaded?
  • Missed your flight, train, car pool ride in another city, you know the story.
  • Interoperability and vendor finger pointing got you in a bind, yup; it’s the UN in NYC that’s the issue.
  • Forest fires or dust storms in Australia, ice cap melting at the north pole, yup, the UN in NYC this week

Look, I was stuck in traffic, made the best of it, listened to Infosmack #20 while doing some emails, doing a few calls instead of getting all twisted up about it. I actually like visiting NYC, lots to see and do, however also nice to move on, for those who have never experience NYC during UN week, give it a try sometime.

Cheers – gs

Greg Schulz – StorageIOblog, twitter @storageio Author “The Green and Virtual Data Center” (CRC)

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