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StorageIO Founder Greg SchulzServer StorageIO and UnlimitedIO LLC (StorageIO) is a technology advisory and consulting firm providing services to technology vendors, value added resellers (VARs), IT organizations, press, media, reporters as well as bloggers. The name Server StorageIO and UnlimitedIO (e.g StorageIO) reflects the focus of experience and coverage having been an IT customer, vendor, var, advisor, analyst, author and consultant involved with services, servers, storage, I/O networking, hardware and software development spanning over four decades.

StorageIO exist to help vendors get their product info and story to applicable customers and partners while helping IT customers identify their needs and matching those to applicable solutions. Leveraging the experiences of an IT customer, vendor, author and storage industry analyst, StorageIO is uniquely prepared to help enable you to meet your specific business needs or objectives on a confidential basis.

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The focus of StorageIO is on topics, techniques and best practices that enable efficient, effective, scalable, flexible resilient IT data infrastructure that support information services delivery. Best practices, techniques and technologies covered by StorageIO converge around server, virtualization, cloud and I/O data storage networking along with IT Service Management (ITSM) and Infrastructure Resource Management (IRM) and Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) topics. Topics and themes include performance and capacity planning, data protection (HA, Backup/restore, BC, DR), data footprint reduction (Archiving, compression, consolidation, data management and dedupe), software defined storage, object storage, flash, NVMe, SSD, resource management, server, storage and networking.

Founded by server, storage, hardware and software IT veteran Greg Schulz, Server StorageIO services include content generation (white paper, articles, videos, web and pod cast), speaking engagements (keynotes, seminars, sales, marketing and customer events) along with NDA (confidential) custom research as well as advisory (strategy, product and technology positioning), validation, lab testing, audits among other services. Read more about Greg Schulz and Server StorageIO in this interview along with more about our services, areas of coverage and skill sets here or on our blog.

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Mr. Schulz has worked with Unix, Windows, Mainframe, OpenVMS and other hardware, network, and software environments. Greg has worked as a programmer, systems administrator, disaster recovery consultant, server and storage planner, capacity planner, systems engineer, technologist and server, storage I/O industry analyst.

Firms that Greg has worked for include Evaluator Group (analyst firm), CNT & INRANGE (SAN, WAN, MAN vendor), MTI (Storage and networking hardware and software vendor), Burlington Northern Railroad (Server and Storage management, Performance and Capacity Planning, DR planning), DCA Benefits (Systems management) and Cooperative Power Utility (Systems analysis and software development) among others.

Mr. Schulz has been involved with various server, storage and I/O related organizations including the computer measurement group (CMG), storage networking industry association (SNIA), RAID advisory board (RAB), and vendor specific user groups. In addition to being the author of "Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking" (CRC) and "The Green and Virtual Data Center" (CRC) (both named to the Intel Recommend Reading List for developers) along with SNIA education endorsed reading books "Resilient Storage Networks" (Elsevier), Greg has contributed material to several other projects including "The Resilient Enterprise" and "Virtual Storage Redefined" (both Veritas Press).

A well regarded and popular speaker throughout the world, Mr. Schulz regularly presents at events including conferences and on-line web casts. Other published material by Mr. Schulz includes over a thousand white papers, articles, web casts, presentations, pod casts, briefs and tips e-discovery, power and cooling, energy efficiency, green IT and data storage, data classification, covering storage, clustering, high availability, object storage, cloud, virtualization, SSD, SAN & NAS, Metro and WAN storage networking, dedupe and data footprint reduction (DFR), backup, data protection modernization, data center, energy and Green IT, VTL, I/O, NVMe, flash, SSD, performance, benchmarking, capacity planning, ILM, storage management, virtualization, data protection, security, database and related topics.

Server StorageIO VMware vExpert Microsoft MVP

Mr. Schulz has a B.A. in computer science and Master of Science in software engineering from the University of St. Thomas. Greg is also a Microsoft MVP and six-time VMware vExpert. Refer to the Server StorageIO portfolio page  to see events, on-demand webinars, tips and articles among other content that has appeared in different venues around the world here and here. Click Here to learn more about the diverse skill-set and expertise of StorageIO. Contact us to arrange a briefing  or to learn about our services and how Server StorageIO can be of assistance to your data infrastructure needs.

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